Moving Into A New House: Tips And Hacks

August 22, 2017

The mere thought of having to pack and shift to a new house, can give nightmares to most movers. Just visualizing the daunting task of packing all the household goods, some way or the other, can cause immense stress and many nights of lost sleep.

Help, however, is at hand, and now there is absolutely no need to worry about getting to a new place of stay. Simply follow these ingenious shifting hacks and make your new house transfer a breeze:

Label All Boxes

Put your name, address, and telephone number on each label and stick them on the sides of the packed boxes. Remember not to label them on the top, as this will make them invisible in case they are stacked up at a higher level.

Wrap The Fragile Articles In Clothes  

This is the perfect way of killing two birds with one stone. Not only do the breakables arrive in one piece, you get to send your shirts, trousers, towels, and blankets also in one go. 

Make This Quick Electronic Hack  

Unplugging all the electronic gadgets is an easy task, but getting all the different leads and wires back into the right socket after unpacking can become a nightmare. To avoid this and save time, take a picture of all the points prior to unplugging them, so you know what goes in where when you have to insert them back.  

Ensure Proper Delivery Of Your Furniture  

If moving residence requires careful planning, safe transportation of your accumulated stuff is of equal importance, if not more. Furniture delivery, therefore, must be entrusted to a reliable agency, say like Shiply, which totally understands the art of moving items from one place to another, quickly and efficiently.

Pack a box for the first night  

It will be impossible for you to settle down at once in your new abode. In fact, chances are that most of the luggage may not have arrived. In such a scenario, it is best advised to pack all the essentials and toiletries that will be necessary for the evening, into a separate box and carry it with you. The rest of the stuff can be attended to on the following day.

Seal The Liquids Carefully  

The headache of spillage of liquid containers, while on the move, can be avoided by covering all the liquid bottles and jars with cling film. They can then be just put in any box without any fear of leakage when you reopen them. 

Color Code All The Items 

Finally, when everything is packed and ready for the truck, follow this simple exercise to make it easy for yourself, as well as for the mover to deposit every single piece in the right place.

Give a color code to each room of the new house and put the color code on the doorway. Then mark the package you want to be put in that room with the matching color code. This will eliminate placing items in the wrong room and you having to struggle to haul them back into their original slot.

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