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Tips To Make Home Moving Easier For You

August 18, 2019
Moving your home and shifting to a new place is an emotionally overwhelming process that also drains you both physically and mentally. The financial costs and the risk of loss and damage is another burden to bear. It gets even more difficult to pull off the entire feat if you...

Review: Nixplay Seed Digital Frame

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame
August 8, 2019
As a photographer, I have collected thousands upon thousands of treasured photographs over the years. Thus, you can imagine how difficult it is to choose which photo ends up being framed on the wall. Well, guess what? Now that dilemma is one I will never have to face again thanks...

How Our Home Can Impact Our Mood

August 1, 2019
A home is important for various reasons -- in particular, it provides shelter, warmth, and comfort. So, it is unsurprising that many of us feel, well, at home there. It does not just affect how secure we feel, though; very often, it impacts our mood too.  But how, exactly?   Let...

How To Protect Your Furniture During Painting

July 19, 2019
Interior painting can give a room an instant lift. It is cheaper to do than say, replacing your black sofa with a fuchsia velvet one, because that is the hottest color right now. Painting walls also lets you experience the colors that you would otherwise be afraid to try, because...

Review: Canvas Champ

Canvas Champ
June 9, 2019
Since I am a photographer, I literally have taken thousands upon thousands of photos. I am always looking for unique ways to display them in my home. This is why I was excited to work with Canvas Champ, as they are a home decor company that helps their customers create...