Moving To Cyprus: Tips For Relocating Easily

October 7, 2021

Moving to a foreign city marks a new beginning in your life. Whether you have found a job in Cyprus or are travelling for the sake of a college, you will definitely need time to adjust fully. But everything is in your mind. Even if you feel like you are starting from scratch, there are ways to make you feel comfortable and relaxed at home! Behind everything, of course, are the new friends, the new habits and the “switch” of your psychology. So let us find out together what you should pay attention to when you settle in the country of Cyprus with its numerous charms:

Search For Acquaintances

Be smart and choose to drink coffee in the same cafes and visit the same supermarkets! This is a technique that will make others recognize you, and you will see familiar faces after a while. If you are talkative and polite, they will be interested in you and will smile at you. After all, a smile will definitely lift your spirits and boost your confidence to meet new people.

Find Out The Hot-Spots Of The City

Most of the people of the city gather in these places! Look at the entertainment piece in a newspaper and take a look at the nightlife and the most famous clubs, bars or parties. You need to learn how to feel comfortable in a new city in Cyprus! Suggest to a colleague or acquaintance to have fun in one of these places and talk to staff and other customers in the places you visit.

Meet Your Neighbors

This is the first move one makes in a foreign city! It is a matter of security but also of socialization. If you live in an area where everyone knows each other, the chances of being welcomed with a big “hug” are high. Take a walk in the park, visit the nearest cafe or bookstore and you will definitely meet several neighbors. After all, for whatever you need, the neighbor is always by your side (literally).

Locate Places That Correspond With Your Hobbies

Practicing a hobby is capable of not only bringing you in contact with people but also leading you to comfort. It is good to continue the habits you had in your homeland and in your new city. If you like books, look for the nearest library or if you want to stay in shape, visit a gym. Students, of course, have the opportunity to engage in a social activity at their university, such as a dance or acting group.

Get To Know All The Necessary Information For Your Normal Life In Cyprus

The cost of living in Cyprus is about 25% lower than the European average and about 10% higher than in Greece. It is estimated that it is about 1,300 euros per month for a person living alone, while for a family of four, 2,800 euros per month. The key is to have a low-income tax. There is a wide range of options, and depending on the city, rents change. Generally, an average furnished apartment, 85 sq.m. rents around 700 to 900 euros (depending on the area). Electricity, water, etc. bills are not included in the rental price. If you are still interested in buying your own real estate, you should turn to a lawyer’s valuable help. You can seek legal counsel from property lawyers and find the best-suited house for your own personal needs.

As in most European countries, you can choose between private and public care. Emergencies are free, not only for Cypriot citizens. In other cases, healthcare benefits are provided to EU nationals at a rate of coverage directly linked to individual or family income. All major cities have a state hospital and several clinics.

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