The Most Unusual Fun Plans In London

October 7, 2021

Most of you will have heard or seen with your own eyes that millions of people move around London every day. The rhythms of life are really crazy. Nevertheless, the aura of London is unique. The permanent grey of the sky gives a special look to the buildings, the trees and even the air. But as grey and hazy as the weather is, so lively and active is life in London. A city that really never sleeps! 

It offers endless options for fun, walking and eating. Countless corners that are worth seeing and spending your day. A city with a long history and a rich cultural tradition could not offer a variety of entertainment options to its residents and visitors. But among the usual entertainment options in the city of London, of course, there are other more “special” and unusual activities that one can do. Let us see what they are:

Take A Candlelit Tour Of An Eccentric Victorian House

Visiting the Sir John Soane Museum, you will find a huge collection of classic works of art, such as paintings, sculptures and other exhibits. It was the home of this neoclassical architect, whose name was honourably given to the Museum itself after his death. In all areas of the Museum, one can find valuable and historical objects that are capable of a journey back in time. So if you visit this place in the evening, you will find yourself in front of an extraordinary spectacle of the Museum, which is lit with hundreds of candles in its premises, giving this unique Victorian style.

Drink Coffee In A Victorian Toilet At The Attendant

The Attendant coffee chain has spread across London with dozens of cafes in the city, but none can compare to the specific location of this coffee shop. Fitzrovia was a public urinal in Victorian times, but today its interior has, of course, changed. You do not need to worry about the possible hygiene of the place, as now the space has been remodelled for many years to serve the needs of the business. Also, the impressive entrance of the cafe impresses the passers-by, who even today confuse the business with a public toilet.

Get Blinded By The Neon Lights At God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard is the paradise of neon lights fans. The gallery that anyone can visit has gathered a huge variety of neon signs from old shops and businesses. A walk in this psychedelic space is a unique and unprecedented experience that few places in London can offer you. Of course, visiting the place, you will discover that it houses a very remarkable cafe, The Rolling Scones Cafe, where you can enjoy the drink of your choice while looking at the beautiful neon lights that surround you.

Try Some Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is quite popular in the city of London. This is evidenced by the dozens of venues that have been created from time to time in the city and host thousands of visitors every month. People choose it because it is an entertaining game, which combines the interest of golf but without its significant level of difficulty. The crazy golf experience can appeal to all age groups with themed venues, up-tempo music, refreshing cocktails, and a generally positive atmosphere. Try crazy golf in London and experience this amazing experience up close.

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