Uses And Applications Of Hair Clippers

September 12, 2017

Hair clippers are machines that are used to level hair. They can be used in trimming hair on the head and other parts of the body as well. When used properly, they can trim hair in different patterns and looks. If you find a professional for example, you could instruct them to shave maybe a tennis ball shape on your head and they would easily curve this with the use of these clippers. There are a range of factors to consider when using the hair clippers in order to make sure you achieve its full use and advantages. Also before anything else, make sure that you have the right hair clipper, as there is quite a list of hair clippers available in the market today with different features and designs. You do not need to worry though as Hair and Makeup Girl have listed down the top hair clippers for you to help you decide on your purchase:

Accessories Needed

Hair clippers need a wide range of accessories in order to work in an effective manner. First of, all you will need is the right set of blades and combs. These two will make sure that you achieve a neat cut and also in a safe manner. The blades are very important, as they are the ones that actually do the cutting and leveling of hair on the body. Thus for this reason, they need to be sharp and precise in order to work effectively.

The guide comb is attached over the cutter and it is the one responsible for a safe hair trim or cut. This is because it keeps the clipper blades away from the head thus preventing any sort of harm that may be caused by the cutting power of the blades. They would work when shaving other regions or parts of the body as well.

Different hair clippers come in different styles and designs. Therefore, there are some hair clippers which would come with extra accessories, while others would not. It is, however, important to note first what is highly needed which is a strong blade and comb. The rest of the accessories may vary and thus can be termed as extras.

Choosing The Tight Set Of Blades

As mentioned earlier, cutting blades are the most important part of the hair clippers. They are actually the ones that do the trimming and cutting of hair to be more precise. When you are choosing a set of blades to use, you would first need to know what type of cut or shave you require. This will help in making an informed decision on what is the right one to use and type as well.

You should consider challenges that may arise by using the blades and first of them is rust. The material that is used in making the blades you use would determine whether or not it would rust. The best material, therefore, in this case is stainless steel. Apart from being rust proof, they are easy to sharpen and disinfect as well. Having in mind that sanitation is very important, it would be wise to find a material that is easy to clean.

Ceramic blades have become quite popular, as they are corrosive free and can last even more than steel blades do. Therefore, if you have to cut for a long time, then the ceramic blades would work quite effectively for you. The only disadvantage with using ceramic blades is their brittleness; they can easily fall off and break into pieces.

Whether you choose to use ceramic or stainless steel blades, the choice should be based on your usage and also after referring to websites like

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