Clarins Singapore Reveals Special Black Friday Beauty Sets: Did You Get Them All?

December 4, 2018

Want to look like a million bucks, but hate spending as much? Sorry gals, being stingy on your beauty regimen just will not do, except during the Black Friday Sale, of course!

If you missed it, do not worry. There is always more, because the hottest deals are still available with free shipping right now! Let your inner glow shine with these beauty boosters from Black Friday Clarins Singapore skincare and cosmetic offer.


Cannot resist your caramel frappes and sweet indulgence as planned? Fake it till you make it! Look young and slim in seconds by splurging on this Shaping Facial Lift Duo gift set. Genius!

Get it from Clarins SG at S$182.00.

Get that fresh, selfie-ready face every day with the White Plus Serum Duo. The promise of this two-hit combo: fair, translucent skin that lights up from within.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$208.00.

Despite popular belief, liposuction is not the only way to get rid of that horrible cellulite. Topical treatment may have been a good alternative, but prevention is still the best. Protection from cellulite and a slimmer silhouette is offered by the Body Fit Duo gift set.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$152.00.

Get that hard-to-achieve bikini body with the Body Shapers gift set. Known to address stubborn fats and reveal the beautiful silhouette you have always dreamt of for a little over S$100.00. Be still, my very broken heart.

No matter how careful you are and how much you cover up, aging is inevitable. With this must-have Beautiful Mum Collection, mothers-to-be get to maintain their skin tone, elasticity, and to relieve fatigue, and fluid retention that is usually lost with age.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$185.00.

Do not let dull, flaky skin ruin your chances at looking fresh and youthful. Retain moisture and keep skin hydrated throughout the day with this skin quencher set for a healthier, smoother, and, prettier look all day.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$82.00.

No more struggling with the too-rounded almost bloated face that can never be hidden, because with the Contouring Collection gift set, you achieve an instant lift and reveal bigger, brighter eyes.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$207.00.

The harsh rays of the sun and the extreme cold weather may rob you of your youthful glow with wrinkles and fine lines. Aim for skin perfection and prevent first signs of aging while boosting radiance from within with the Multi-Active Partners set.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$194.00.

Removing makeup can be a real pain, but sleeping with your makeup on is an awful sin. The perfect solution: Cleansing Kit for Oily or Combination Skin set. This flexible cleaner is every girl’s dream, dragging it all the way up to the top of the list of beauty must-haves.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$93.00.


In addition to these special sets on Black Friday Clarin Singapore’s offers, there are a few limited edition items you should never miss.

Starting to see fine lines? If your skin is this unprotected, you should start worrying about the easily-ignored lips. Both can lose elasticity and moisture over time when neglect. Stop the neglect and use the Christmas Cracker Make-Up Collection to which is great for nourishing the lips and smoothing those unwanted fine lines.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$28.00.

Whether it is an on-the-spot invitation from your long-time crush or a sudden reunion, life sometimes comes swooping unexpected, leaving you with no time to prepare. Avoid panicking and missing out on the fun more often; make sure you have the SOS Make-Up to Go kit around.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$74.00.

The eyes and the lips are perhaps the most admired feature in a woman’s face. So, highlight your peepers and keep your lips healthy and plump-looking with the Makeup Heroes Collection set and you will always look your best.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$90.00.

The Freshness Collection is a great way to start a good skin regimen. With its potent energizing and relaxing treats, you can let your inner glow shine unrestricted.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$82.00.

Relaxation Collection

Promote your well-being with the Relaxation Collection beauty set. It contains a blend of soothing essential oils, which helps reduce stress and aging.

Get it from Clarins SG at S$82.00.

Keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find. Check out Black Friday Clarins Singapore skincare and cosmetic offer. Just so you know, prices are accurate and items are in stock as of the time of publication.

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