How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacuum Cleaner

September 13, 2017

In many households and businesses, people use vacuum cleaners on a daily basis. For anyone who has pets, children, or allergies, a powerful and reliable vacuum cleaner is essential. How do you extend the life of your vacuum cleaner when spending money on a new one is not in the budget? Try some of these helpful tips to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner:

Scan The Floor Tor Objects

Always take a few extra minutes before turning your vacuum on to make sure the floors are clear of objects that can potentially cause damage to the inside.

There is nothing worse than hearing the dreaded clunking sound after running over loose change, Legos, or something mysterious that ended up on the floor. Large items that are taken in by a vacuum cleaner can get lodged inside the brush area or the item can break into smaller pieces and damage other components of the vacuum cleaner.

Although, it seems more time consuming to look around for small objects first, it will save you time and money on vacuum repairs in the future.

Keep The Inside Clean

In most cases, vacuums can be taken apart and cleaned easily right at home. Usually, a screwdriver and a few other cleaning items are the only things needed to clean the inside of your vacuum.

Regularly clean the vacuum brushes and wipe out any excess dirt around the brushes. Vacuums can malfunction if too much dirt and debris get trapped inside the hoses or if the bag is too full. Change bags regularly or if you have a bagless vacuum, then empty bagless canisters to keep the suction strong.

Are you vacuuming and it seems to you like nothing is getting picked up? Belts often break when debris gets lodged inside, and this prevents the brushes from spinning. Luckily, belts are an inexpensive fix, and belts are relatively easy to replace to get your vacuum running like new again.

Compare Different Makes Of Vacuums

There are several different types of vacuums on the market, and it is best to evaluate your needs and compare different makes of vacuums before making a new purchase. Deciding on the perfect vacuum cleaner can be time-consuming. There are many different types with multi-functioning capabilities.

The upright vacuum cleaner is the most common household vacuum cleaner. If you have carpet and hardwood flooring, it would be best to choose one with a dual setting. Vacuums made for carpet will not function as effectively on floors without carpet.

The stick vacuum cleaner has the least amount of suction, but its long handle can extend into hard to reach places. It is not recommended to use a stick vacuum for everyday messes.

The canister vacuum cleaner has a stronger suction than the stick, but this version is usually much more expensive. Canister vacuums are light weight and work on both hardwood and carpet.

Utility or wet and dry vacuums will perform much better on objects such as glass, ash from a fireplace, or gravel. This debris can penetrate through a bag of an upright vacuum or it can clog the hoses on other types of vacuum cleaners.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are commonly used in small spaces such as inside a car or hard to reach areas. Some are cordless and lightweight, but they have a weaker suction ability.


There are many ways to get the most out of your vacuum. Remember to pick up larger items with your hands before beginning your vacuum cleaning. Clean the brushes and empty the bag regularly. Carefully research the appropriate vacuum cleaner for your needs. Do not forget to read the manual for the vacuum you own to make sure that you are following the proper maintenance procedures. It is recommended to contact your local repair shop for issues beyond cleaning.

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