Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth Getting?

September 13, 2017

Brands and retailers are competing in a very fierce market these days, so it is not surprising to see new deals, better special offers, and improved products being offered to customers. Their goal is to win your business and they are willing to go the extra mile to achieve that.

An interesting type of offer used by retailers and brands is subscription-based sales of merchandise. Also known as subscription commerce, it is something that is growing in popularity, especially in the United States. Are the subscription boxes available today worth buying?

More For Less

One of the reasons why subscription boxes are popular and attractive is because they offer more items at a bundled price; that bundled price lets you save up to 60% on the prices of the included items. You do not just save on the included products. In many cases, subscription boxes also include extra samples and accessories to attract more customers.

The discount alone is a good enough reason to subscribe to the subscription boxes that suit you, especially when they include products that you have to buy regularly. You can now find a subscription for virtually any item on the market, from cosmetics and fashion to everyday items and consumables. You are basically getting more for less.

It Is Convenient

As mentioned before, there are subscription boxes with consumables (items you have to buy regularly) in them. Subscribing actually makes the process of getting the items you already need a lot easier. You no longer have to make manual purchases or visit local retailers to get these items; you know a box will come every month.

Convenience is another reason why subscription commerce is so popular on the market. You simply subscribe to a plan and you are all set. Add the fact that retailers can also charge your credit card on a subscription basis, and you have a truly convenient way of getting the products you want, delivered to you regularly. If you would like to take a deep dive on subscription boxes for your dad, son, brother, or husband visit Subscription Boxes For Men Club (SBFMC). You will find men’s boxes that also makes great gift ideas.

It Grants Access

The electronic cigarette industry is one of the many industries that successfully implement subscription commerce. In the old days, you would have to buy full bottles of e-juice to try new flavors. There were samples available, but access to those samples aren’t always easily available to most hobbyists.

The presence of subscription boxes from companies like changed that completely. Any customer can subscribe to a plan. The subscription plan usually includes the delivery of up to five new flavors, as well as vaping accessories and other merchandise every month.

The same approach is being used by fashion retailers and cosmetic brands too. With cosmetics, you can subscribe for samples of the latest products from top brands or opt for a regular delivery of products you use every day. You can even subscribe to boxes of new, unreleased products from the likes of NYX and Revlon.

So, are subscription boxes worth getting? If the included products are products you use regularly, then the answer is a definite YES. You can save on the price of the products and enjoy other benefits, too.

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