The Best Way To Clean Your Home If You Have Pets

February 14, 2018

Pets are lovely. They provide joy to the owner. Just having a pet around is enough to make your mood better. If you come back tired from a day’s work and you find your dog barking or your cat snuggling up to you, you find that all your troubles have vanished. But raising a pet has its fair share of problems and the biggest is keeping the home clean. Pets shed hair and most of them shed a lot. Keeping the home clean becomes a battle. You clean, but you are not rid of pet hair and dander completely. Pet hair needs to be dealt with, with specially designed vacuum cleaners. Given below are the best pet vacuum cleaners that ensure your home is clean:

  1. Dyson V8 Animal

We start with the expensive option. There is a reason why this vacuum cleaner costs so much. It comes with a very special battery. Normal cordless vacuums last about fifteen minutes or less with power. And just about five minutes if it has extra brushes or motorized attachments. The Dyson is different. It has the ability to go on for forty minutes with good suction power. Attach the motorized tool and you can go at top power for over twenty minutes. That is a good reason to pay the high price. Its highlight is its fabulous HEPA filtration system. This is the hallmark of the company and is at the center of its constant bettering of products. The brush bar is way better than its previous version. On the downside, apart from the cost, it is also heavy to handle. So, if you are looking for some spot cleaning, it might be okay, but carting it through the house may not be so easy.

  1. Electrolux UltraFlex

Our homes do come with comfortable and plush carpets. These carpets are wonderful and warm, however are also pet hair traps. What is more, they do not cooperate too well with vacuum cleaners. The UltraFlex takes care of this, as it has good suction power and thanks to the brush rolls it picks up the hairs in the carpet as well and there is no question of you having to sit and clean the brush, since it comes with a handy self-cleaning button. The Electrolux works on all surfaces, not just carpets. So, if you have hardwood floors, use the vacuum without worries.

  1. Hoover PowerDrive

If you are looking for a bagless vacuum, this is the one for you. It gives you bang for the buck, as it does not cost an arm and leg and still does a fine job of cleaning the space. Cyclonic technology, wind-tunnel design and a fabulous brush roll are all integral to this high functioning upright vacuum cleaner. The brush roll has the ability to not get entangled with hair. This makes it ideal for different types of debris and various surfaces as well.

  1. Shark Rotator NV755

If you have more than one animal, you need something more than a vacuum cleaner. The Shark Rotator is a powered lift-away that allows you to use the cleaner without having to empty it multiple times. The Rotator comes with airtight seals and a HEPA filter that picks up even the finest hair and dander. Although it is an upright vacuum, it can be handheld for furniture and different levels of the house. High suction is not its forte, so you would be better off keeping animals off the shag carpets in the den. In fact, you should not have multiple carpets if you have many pets.

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