Three Countries And Four Amazing Places To Discover In The Adriatic And Ionian Seas

August 5, 2016
Adriatic Sea
View of the Adriatic shore from mainland. 


The Adriatic Sea is a one of the most culturally rich in terms of the diversity of the content that can be found on its coasts. Separating the east coast of Italy with the west coast of the Balkans, it also joins the Ionian Sea to the south, which separates Italy’s southeastern coast with Greece’s west coast. Here are four fabulous destinations worth checking out, whether it is by an Adriatic Odyssey tour with a boutique cruiser or by finding separate accommodation facilities suitable for families* and couples alike, as there are options for everyone to enjoy! Continue reading for some nifty tricks to pack effectively and lightly that can also be applied to a cruise:

Korcula City
Korcula city is such a picturesque place. 


1) Explore Korcula Old City, Croatia

A charming city to explore with picturesque herringbone tiled streets and stunning stone buildings everywhere you look, Korcula has a charm that will surprise you! The city is known for its Gothic and Renaissance orientation, plus elements of Romanesque and Baroque with evidence found all around you all while strolling its confines. The Cathedral of St. Mark is located right in the middle of this quaint town, featuring some truly beautiful stonemasonry details. Statues of Adam and Eve grace its entrance and everything is beautifully preserved. The Town Museum found opposite the Cathedral is housed in the Gabrieli’s Family Palace and it contains a rich collection of exhibits that map the historical and cultural developments of the place.

The Korcula city gates are truly an impressive entrance.


A mini-Dubrovnik, with imposing city walls and gates, it also features similar lavishness in stone decorations. The views that are offered from the top of the city overlooking the snug stone houses with their orange brick rooftops is picture perfect.

Random Fact: Korcula city claims to be the birthplace of Marco Polo and it proudly showcases a house the locals claim to have been his home, although there are discrepancies about its true identity. Nevertheless, the Depolo house has watchtower that provides stunning views of the city.

The gorgeous city of Kotor awaits to share its Medieval treasures with you.


2) Discover Kotor Medieval Town, Montenegro

The Medieval Montenegro town of Kotor follows suit with Korcula in terms of appearance; a port town in the Gulf of Kotor, it is surrounded by steep mountains and wall fortifications. The Medieval town and its hidden treasures will definitely enchant you. Having been through various conquests, Venetian, Ottoman, and Napoleonic rule, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you will love every moment you discover all the points of interest. Check out the cathedral of St. Tryphon and if you visit during the summer you may come across some festivities they have going on. Take the guided tour to save time or feel free to explore the city on your own terms.

Random Fact: It has been said that this place could be a Mediterranean ‘fjord’ due to the location’s resemblance to the fjord cliff geomorphology.

Montenegro Landscape
Spectacular views over the city from above allow for the ‘Mediterranean Fjords’ to make their appearance.


3) Enjoy Panoramic Corfu, Greece

The first island that is on the verge of the two seas, Corfu, is the northernmost island of the Ionian. Corfu is known for its fabulous panoramic views and you can find no better than the region of Agios Gordios, on the south of the island.

Grotta Sunrise
Sun rising over the beach of Agios Gordios.


Somewhere in between Mediterranean and exotic beauty, the location of Corfu allows for a mysterious combination, and the result is a scenic bay that resembles its cosmopolitan relative, Capri of Italy. Corfu’s Grotta Verde bay of Agios Gordios offers phenomenal visuals especially during the sun’s cycle. The sunset is heart warming with a sea that meets sky horizon, while during the dawn the rays gently glisten off the smooth sea like golden velvet.

Random Fact: The best place to enjoy these spectacular views day or night is the Panorama Roof bar of the Grotta Verde resort.      

Gortta Sunset
The sky becomes a masterpiece here at Agios Gordios.


4) Experience Stunning Cephalonia, Greece

If you haven not visited Cephalonia Island, then perhaps you should consider rectifying the omission. Cephalonia is full of sensational white sand beaches, azure waters, large bays, pebbled coves, and steep limestone cliffs.

The epic beach of Myrtos.


It is generally untainted with the footprint of mass tourism and the island is so big that no one place gets overcrowded. Possibly the island’s most famed beaches Myrtos and Petani may receive more attention and they are definitely two of the beaches you should experience firsthand. Although Myrtos is sandy, Petani is pebbled, thus take your pick. Stay in the Pylaros area at a lovely waterfront accommodation overlooking Myrtos bay below and indulge in amazing scenics of Assos village every day and every night.

Random Fact: The island captures the sunlight in a very peculiarly bewitching way. It seduced Louis de Bernieres so much so that he wrote Captain Corelli’s Mandolin there.

* The cruise is available for children of twelve years of age and above.

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