Seven Ideas To Make Your Birthday Unforgettable

August 6, 2016

So, your friend’s birthday is around the corner and you are beyond excited about it. Before you rush into getting that regular gift for your friend, you will need to make this day as extraordinary as possible. How can I make that day extra memorable you might ask?

This is a special day for them, thus you should think of the best birthday gift ideas that will make it unique and memorable. Keeping that in mind, here are some fantastic ideas that will make the big day unforgettable:

1. Let Them Be The Boss

If you want to make someone’s special day special, let them decide what they want for their big day. Ask them about what they prefer on their birthday. Yes, it is romantic and sweet to get a surprise on your birthday, but things can go from sweet to sour if you get the wrong gift. Ideally, let your them give you an idea of what they want. This will also relieve the challenge of going through various gifts to find the perfect choice for them.

Suppose you do not have an idea of how the birthday should be, then work with someone that is good at it. However, remember that your friend should be the final decision maker.

2. Back To The Roots

Have you ever flashed back and remembered the early years when things were superb, especially during your youthful years? You can bring this feeling back on your friend’s special day. For instance, an 80’s or 90’s theme can be such a great idea. Maybe you stick the early year’s posters around the house, play classic music on a jukebox, dress in the old-school style, or anything else that will bring back the memories.

If possible, get your friend some of their best old-time clothes. As you come fitted with your classic style, they will be amazed when you pull out the clothes that they loved most. With this, you can be sure of making that day as memorable as possible.

3. Plan A Vacation

Seriously, your friend needs to take a break and unwind from the daily stress. It is their big day and a day like this comes only once in a year. This means that you should plan for the trip early enough to avoid disappointments. If you can afford to take them to your hometown or if you wish to take them somewhere else, it is up to you to decide. The point here is to let them unwind and have their special time alone.

Ideally, book a trip to a place where they will not be interrupted by anyone. Other than making the day great, a vacation will help them return with a new energy and ready to start off their new age.

4. Give Thanks To Them

In your life, you have met many people; some help you in an amazing way and others give you the simplest advice that changes your life forever. Then there is this special friend who has been with you for quite a while. It is their birthday and you want to make it unique and memorable. How else can you prove to them that they are special in your life, if not by showing gratitude on their special day?

You could come up with a list of good things they did for you. If it is a childhood friend that once saved you from a bunch of bullies then write it down. If they once gave you a huge amount of money when you were very broke, write it down as well. Point out the least of all, which will show them just how happy you are to have them in your life. This will ensure that their birthday is perfect.

5. Make A Prank Cake

Who does not like to have fun? Everybody enjoys a laughter time and again and you can make the special person of the day to be the center of laughter by making them a sponge cake, literally. If you have a cake pan, fill it with yellow or pink sponges and apply some frost. You should do this keenly to avoid any suspicion.

So, when people have gathered around you can set up your camera ready to capture the funniest clip of the day. Your friend will try to cut the cake and they will feel just how difficult it is. Hysterical!

6. Create A Photo Album

If you want to surprise this person even further, you can design a photo album, which entails different photos from your collection. Have people send you funny photos of your friend and design a photo clip from them. If you find some of the old-time photos, they will surely be surprising and sweet enough to your friend.

Even if the video clip is short, it will be one to remember. Just ensure that you gather photos that the person does not have. The best way to make things extra spicy is by organizing a movie night and when everyone is seated, press play, and make it the biggest surprise of the day as you play it on a big screen

7. Update Their Wardrobe

Regardless of the type of job your friend has, everyone gets time to dress casually now and then. How about bringing your special someone a bunch of funny t-shirts? You can organize with friends and family for them to come with t-shirts with funny prints. Do not worry about the size of your friend, because everyone should come with t-shirts of their own size.

What makes this extra memorable is that the person will have plenty of t-shirts with various prints. If it is too big for them, they could put it on when in the house and if it is too small the person can have it on the wall in their bedroom for continuous remembrance. This way, you can be sure of making the day as special as ever.

The birthday gift ideas that you consider should be as unique as possible. Avoid going for the common gifts if you want to make their day super unique. As you plan to make the day memorable, try to make it centered to the special friend celebrating their birthday!

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