The Top Ten Places To Explore Africa At Its Best

August 9, 2016

Whenever Africa is mentioned, the thoughts that strikes one’s mind are the wildlife safari, extravagant natural views, scenic beauty, and tribal culture. Undoubtedly, Africa is one of the most traveled destinations for holidays. With cheapest flights to Africa, one can easily be a part of the African culture and spend some memorable holidays there. This post will give an insight about the top ten places in Africa that you must explore when you visit this incredible continent:


This 115 island country, which is the least populated in the entire continent, offers an incredibly romantic getaway in the Indian ocean. Lonely rock outcrops, pristine beaches, amazing flora and fauna, and luxurious holiday resorts make Seychelles one of the best places on earth. The immense natural beauty and the availability of a plethora of water sports activities ensure that you make the most of your time when you are in Seychelles.

South Africa

An ideal destination for a great summer adventure, South Africa offers the best beach and wildlife safari holidays. With tropical weather, fine dining restaurants, astounding shopping malls, and the opportunity to explore the African culture, South Africa is undeniably one of the best holiday destinations in the entire continent of Africa.

Reunion Island

Often described as one of the best kept island paradises on earth, Reunion Island is nestled in the vast Indian Ocean. With an astonishing active Piton de la Fournaise volcano and a plethora of hiking trails offering splendid natural views, Reunion Island is undoubtedly one of the best places in Africa to spend a tranquil holiday.


Located on the outskirts of Europe, Morocco is a distinctive African country that offers some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. Imagine an Agafay Desert dinner under the stars with beautiful views. With a medieval and majestic feel, it is an amazing place to explore the North African culture. Desert tours, camel treks, street theaters, and lip-smacking cuisines make Morocco a must visit destination.  Read more to get an idea about how to spend 12 days in Morocco.


Being described as the mountain kingdom of Africa, Lesotho boasts a wide spectrum of majestic mountains adorned with the best natural beauty. With several national parks representing the African flora and fauna, one cannot miss to visit this place while in Africa.


An East African paradise, Kenya is not an unknown African country. In fact, there are millions of people who seek to explore some of the best preserved natural wildlife in the Kenyan national parks. Not only it offers an opportunity to explore the wildlife of Africa, but also offers a number of water sports, lavish holiday resorts, bustling streets, and much more to the visitors.


If you want to enjoy an awesome safari holiday, Botswana is the ideal place in Africa for it. A country that shares its borders with Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa, it possesses the most sough after tourist destinations in the world.

Pemba Island, Tanzania

Offering a superior illustration of the rich African culture and renowned African cuisines, Pemba Island, located in Tanzania is a great travel destination for people who want to explore the Africa.


The mountainous paradise of East Africa, Rwanda is a place for avid nature and wildlife lovers who want a holiday to unwind themselves and rejuvenate in the nature. Known to Volcanoes National Park, it should be in the bucket list of people who want to see Africa at its best.


With formidable animal life, beautiful red colored sand dunes, and expansive landscapes, it is an outstanding African attraction.

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