Boosting Productivity: Is Your Bedroom Well Equipped?

August 9, 2016

Do you struggle to get through the day without feeling tired, lethargic, and irritable? We all suffer from these feelings from time to time — we are human after all — but when we do, our productivity suffers. We cannot excel at work or in a hobby if we are not full of beans and wide awake to meet the challenges of the day!

Many people look to manage tiredness as and when it strikes, using a combination of strong coffee and sugary snacks to fend it off and keep them going. This is the wrong approach. It merely sets your body up to be addicted to these short term fixes. It is much better to run on a steady level of energy than forever be riding a sugar-fuelled rollercoaster of highs and lows.

The main issue with this, however, is that it ignores the root cause of the problem. Instead of being reactive, be proactive and look at your sleep patterns. A lack of shut eye at night is often the source of your tiredness. By focusing on creating a more relaxing environment, you will feel fresher and much more. Here is how to be equipped for a good night’s sleep:

The Bed Is Key

It might sound straightforward to say, but your bed is really important. You can do all of the decorating you like, but an old creaky bed with a tatty mattress will result in a poor night’s sleep. If you are struggling, then you should treat yourself to a new one. Why not try a space saving divan bed that can help store away your belongings? There are plenty of examples with the Divan Beds Centre. That should help you benefit from the comfort of a new bed and allow you to have a tidier room, which should help you to feel more relaxed.

Comfort And Color

Once you have a comfy new space saving bed it is time to think the power of color. Light shades on the wall are good for relaxation, but some colors work better than others. The Daily Mail reported on one study that claimed people with a blue bedroom tend to get about two hours more sleep a night than those with a purple wall. Yellow and green also came out favorably. If you have a dark or bold shade on your walls then it is time to get painting.

Remove Unnecessary Tech

Distractions will not help you get a good night’s sleep. A text, email, or push notification in the middle of the night could easily shake you from your slumber; either with the noise or light. Try to leave them out of the room, so that you can switch off mentally.

Embrace The Right Tech That Can Help

Having said that, there are some items of tech that can help your sleep. Adults actually need 7.5-9 hours a night and there are two ways you can use tech to help. Firstly, monitors can help to assess your sleep patterns, by building up a picture of the length and quality of the sleep you are getting. Secondly, you can invest in a new bedside lamp that is designed to help, as you go to sleep and wake up. These lamps gradually go off at night and wake you up slowly in the morning by gradually getting brighter. This can help to stop the short sharp shock of an alarm waking you up and disrupting your 40 winks.

A comfy, cool blue bedroom free of the wrong sort of tech will leave you well-equipped for a good night’s sleep and more productive days!

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