Gift Options To Help New Parents

August 10, 2016

When it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world the excitement seldom begins and ends with the parents-to-be; friends, family members, colleagues, and even relative strangers will all be caught up in the anticipation too, and it is perfectly natural for those standing on the sidelines to want to help in some way.

Buying a gift for a baby, or for the new parents, is an excellent way to show that you care, and to help during those hectic first days and weeks. However, such a task can often seem incredibly daunting; how do you know which gift is the ‘right’ gift? Worries surrounding the gifts other people are buying and knowing where to start that search may well be fresh in your mind as you begin to shop. It is important to remember one thing though; new parents are grateful for every kindness shown to them, regardless of whether it is the first, or fiftieth example of that gift they have been given. You can never have too many packets of wipes, after all!

Gift Ideas That Will Wow

Unless the parents-to-be are hosting a shower and have created a gift registry, there is a chance that you will be confused by the sheer volume of baby products on offer these days; you will barely be able to pronounce the names of some of the items, while others will prove a mystery entirely. If the idea of getting a gift warms your heart, but the reality is proving too much to bear, read on for a little inspiration — you may be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to buy that gift.

Practical Gifts

Yes, practical items are seldom the most exciting, however most parents will be grateful for anything they have not had to buy themselves. Baby first aid kits, teething items, feeding accessories, muslins, a wrap or sling, laundry detergent and sterilizing tablets, toiletries and grooming kits, pacifiers, and stroller fittings are all perfect when it comes to buying practical gifts. Besides, you will have plenty of time to spoil that little tot when it comes to birthdays and Christmases.

Nursery Items

If you would like to spoil a new niece or nephew, or help out a couple of friends, consider purchasing an item for the baby’s nursery; soft furnishings, wall decals, mobiles, blankets, bedding, a growth chart, or soothing toys are all fantastic ideas if you would like that tot to grow up in a nurturing environment. While essentials such as cribs, baby monitors, changing mats, and diapers bags will no doubt be sourced by the parents-to-be; little touches such as those listed above may be forgotten about. To be additionally thoughtful, ensure that your gift matches the nursery’s theme or represents a special moment in the family’s time together.


Think baby gifts, think clothing; what parent-to-be is not grateful for another gorgeous outfit, set of essential onesies, or adorable little booties? Buying that precious bundle a clothing item to welcome them into the world will almost guarantee a ‘thank you’ picture on social media, as well as ensuring that they are always wrapped up warmly. If you are unsure on the sex of the baby, steer clear of gendered items; yellows, greens, and whites are stereotypically bought for a baby whose parents are waiting for a surprise. It is also important to avoid newborn clothing, which will no doubt have been bought by the anxious parents to be. Instead, opt for items designed for tykes aged three-months and over; this will generally be worn for longer.

Toys And Developmental Aids

As the friend or relative of a new parent it is up to you to spoil that baby and to purchase the baby gear that serves an entertaining purpose rather than a practical one. Okay, perhaps not; but is it not far more enjoyable to buy a baby toys and games, rather than predictable and practical presents? Fun gear, including sensory toys, noisy games, activity gyms, and cuddly toys are all popular gifts that you could buy for a new baby, ensuring that they reach those developmental milestones as they get to grips with the world.


If you have children yourself or have listened to those that do, you will know that those first few days and weeks will fly by in a flurry of night feeds, dirty diapers, and episodes of colic. It is often incredibly difficult for new parents to stop, take stock of the moment, and capture it forever, so why not help them? Keepsakes, including jewelry that captures a child’s hand or footprint, trinket boxes for that first lock of hair, baby journals, and memory books, are a great gift to present to any parent-to-be, and will ensure that they are reminded of their child’s first days forever. Like this hug ring.

Gift Cards Or Vouchers

If you are concerned that the parents-to-be will already have that must-have item or may not appreciate yet another neutral onesie, it is always worth considering a gift card or a voucher for a photography experience or store. What do you get the parents who have everything? The gift that buys itself, of course. Gift cards are a great way to show that you care, while giving your friends or relatives the chance to buy something that they will adore.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you a little inspiration. While presents for babies and their parents, are not compulsory, it is certainly nice to show that you care and to give a beautiful new family the perfect start. From toys and nursery items, to clothing and vouchers, the perfect gift is only limited by your imagination; these days, a little thought goes a long way!

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