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How To Plan A Camping In The Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert
July 31, 2019
If you ask anyone who has visited Morocco, then they will surely tell you the tales about the Sahara Desert. I traveled to Morocco and then I decided to do a camping in the Sahara Desert and it turns out it was the best decision of my life, because the...

What To Pack And Wear In Morocco

October 30, 2018
Before your trip to Morocco, it is important that you are up-to-date with what sort of items and clothing you should be taking with you. Here is a guide on what to pack and wear in Morocco: What to Wear It is important that you aware of the types of...

The Top Ten Places To Explore Africa At Its Best

August 9, 2016
Whenever Africa is mentioned, the thoughts that strikes one’s mind are the wildlife safari, extravagant natural views, scenic beauty, and tribal culture. Undoubtedly, Africa is one of the most traveled destinations for holidays. With cheapest flights to Africa, one can easily be a part of the African culture and spend...