Three Nifty Tricks To Make Traveling With Just Cabin Luggage A Breeze

July 18, 2016

With looming prices for checked in luggage increasing, smart travelers are opting to pack a carry-on bag only in order to save money and thus have more to spend when they arrive at their destination. However, carry-on bags are a lot smaller than the bags in which you can pay to check into the hold and can be quite limiting, especially if you are jetting off for a few weeks at a time. But, even longer trips can be done with just hand luggage, providing that you are clued into smart packing. We have put together these great tips to help make sure that the next time you pack is a breeze:


Upgrade Your Bag

First and foremost, the carry-on bag that you are packing your things in can either make your life harder or easier. If you are using a standard, cheap carry-on bag, which can be picked up at a number of retail stores, you are going to face most of the different common problems with hand luggage. Investing in a high-quality carry-on bag such as the Bluesmart bag may set you back some dollars, but it is definitely a great investment that will help you avoid any unwanted bag check-in charges at the airport.

Planning Ahead

If you are like most travelers, you probably have every intention of planning ahead when it comes to packing, only to find yourself scrambling to fill your case the night before your flight leaves. However, when you are traveling with only hand luggage, making sure that you plan well in advance definitely pays off. With the limited space that carry-on bags offer you, it is essential to only pack items that have at least an 80% chance of being used on your trip. The last thing that you want are items that you will never actually use taking up valuable space in your bag. The best way to achieve this is by laying out everything that you want to pack and gradually removing items that you are unsure of.

Get Rolling

If you fold your clothes when you pack them you should stop right now. Folding clothes up neatly might mean that they all look pretty in your case, but it does not do much when it comes to creating extra space. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up tightly. You will find that this technique allows you to fit a lot more into your cabin bag, as each item will take up less space and it is also easier to squash items into the case in between others. Carefully rolling your clothes also means that there are less creases in the items when you unpack them, since there will not be a straight crease where the item has been folded. Just remember to make sure that your cabin bag is under the airline’s specific weight limit.

Traveling with just hand luggage may seem impossible if you have never done it before, except by using a range of nifty tricks it is a lot easier than you think!

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