Old Textures And Colors: Learn To Appreciate Exotic Vintage Rugs

July 18, 2016


The natural beauty of vintage rugs cannot be discounted. Many homeowners and interior designers have relied on these exquisite tapestries to decorate homes, offices, and anywhere with a bare floor.

Vintage rugs have been in existence as far back as the ancient dynasties in Persia — now known as Iran — where hand-woven rugs were infused into the cultural and business landscapes of the region. In the United States, the rug and carpet industry started in 1791 through a carpet mill in Philadelphia run by William Sprague. Despite the birth of the rug industry in the United States., most rug enthusiasts and interior design experts still prefer ancient rugs from the Middle East.

If you are not a fan of vintage rugs yet, here are some of the best reasons why you should appreciate these exotic treasures:

Design Upgrade

Vintage rugs instantly bring a certain level of luxury design to any kind of room. Whether it is a small bedroom or a massive ballroom, any space could use a little oomph and pizzazz by decorating with exotic rugs. The faded colors and jaded edges may put off some people, but design experts are all praises for these trusty old rugs.


If you have not seen a Persian rug or any kind of legendary rug in the flesh, take the time to visit a local rug store. You will be amazed by the intricacy and level of workmanship that each rug carries with it. Hand-woven rugs from countries like Morocco and Turkey have unique qualities in them, brought about by the fact that each rug is created by hand.

The absence of machines, or the decision not to use them, makes vintage rugs absolutely one of a kind!

Variable Sizes

Unlike manufactured rugs that come in standard dimensions, most vintage rugs do not follow the exact same size. Sure, it may take a while to find the perfectly sized rug for your space, but a little diligence and patience will lead you to the best and most beautiful vintage rug you could ever lay your eyes on.

Just so you know, most store-bought or machine-made rugs are available in standard sizes from a small 3 ft. x 5 ft. to a huge 12 ft. x 14 ft size.

A Fresh Culture

Aside from being an essential part of decorating for luxury living, vintage rugs have the ability to bring a new kind of culture into your home. Imagine putting a legendary piece of rug inside a modern home. This contrast of sorts becomes not only a visual spectacle, but also a topic of discussion for your next house party.


The fact that exotic vintage rugs have been around for decades clearly shows how they have withstood the test of time. If you own an Oriental rug or any of the ancient rugs from the Middle East, you do not have to worry about durability, because these rugs have proven themselves to survive the environment.

Of course, this does not give anyone the license to disregard rug care. According to this New York Times article, proper cleaning and maintenance of rugs will make them last so much longer.

Placing an exquisite vintage rug on your floor provides a lot of benefits for your house. If you are still trying to put a new perspective into your interior home design, let the visually appealing features of vintage rugs bring elegance and luxury into your personal space.

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