Top Restaurants In Sydney You Should Not Miss For The World

July 19, 2016

Gourmet traveler or not, food is one of the pleasures you look forward to when traveling to a new destination. If you are visiting Sydney, Australia anytime soon (or are already here,) then you should not miss the top-rated restaurants in this article:


If you are looking for the most Italian restaurant and cuisine ever established, then you are looking at Balla, one of the best Italian restaurants in Sydney. This premier restaurant is a modern interpretation of traditional Italian cuisine that features a wood-fired grill in the kitchen combined with one of Sydney’s best harbour views. Awarded of a variety of food excellence awards, your taste buds will thank you for a one-of-a-kind experience!


A modern pasta joint is what you can expect with this Platonic neighbourhood restaurant, where the music soothes the ears, staff are friendly, and the food is delicious and reliably comforting. Try the firm, tubular pasta with sticky pig’s head meat or a raw egg yolk; yummy noodles dressed in an updated pesto mixed with pistachios and kale.


This is where you will find a kitchen obsessed over the fires and what they burn, as well as expertly seasoned dishes with cherry, apple, and olive smoke. It sounds over-the-top, because it is. Everything is wonderfully flavored precisely — from strawberry clams to salad of fresh duck to elegant rib-eye that has aged for 211 days and served on the bone.


Trying everything on a menu can be stuffy and tiring, but Automata promises not to put you in that situation. Seafood and meat make some appearance in the five fast-paced courses and you can expect plenty of delicious vegetables as well, including in-house fermented varieties. You can see everything being prepared in front of an open kitchen. The food is served in a communal table that spans the length of a dining room.


A venue that perfectly captures the romance of hospitality, Hubert has a winding wooden stairway, a foyer that looks like an Alchemist’s storeroom, and a grand dining area that looks like it is yanked from mid-century Paris. The menu features classic meals that are French in appearance, but hides cooking techniques and flavors that simply work.

Bar Brose

If you are looking where Australia is keeping its new wave of natural wines, this is it. Bar Brose serves their exquisite wine next to a ham-and-cheese sandwich. Such a classic! Going here will make you feel like you are in the future of fine dining; fearless, playful food combined in a casual atmosphere, plus an expansive menu for your gourmet pleasure.


British chef Nelly Robinson’s famous restaurant looks like a small, industrially chic basement, located under the Central Station Hotel. However, just one look at his kitchen’s playful tasting menus will show you fun and luxurious food and drinks. He incorporates foams and soils in a way that somehow does not make it feel dated. Try the peaches and cream dessert that comes with crumbly shards of rose meringue.

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