The Benefits Of Water And Tips To Stay Hydrated

July 24, 2016
Drops of Water

Water is the fuel of life, there is no doubt about it! It is the driving force behind important processes to maintain bodily functions and synergies that are essential in keeping you healthy. It is imperative that you maintain hydration levels, but as daily routines can get quite hectic, water escapes our system whether knowingly or not and we seldomly replenish it by drinking the minimum of 2.2 – 3 litres per day that is required. So, in considering the importance of water in our daily life and the perennial benefits of consuming it in bucket loads, it is perhaps doubly important to be fully hydrated on your summer holidays.

The Benefits Of Water That Become Necessities Of Life

  • Boosts your energy levels instantly, as water facilitates all body processes and functions. First and foremost, it helps your kidneys flush out excesses and maintains a healthy urinary tract.
  • Flushes out toxins and waste. Apart from urine, water loss occurs in a number of ways; sweat is the most common followed by tears, additionally to water evaporating from our system through breathing. On the other hand, stress and alcohol consumption contribute to more water loss.
  • Strengthens the immune system. A good water content in your body means it is ready to tackle intruders and protect vital systems. It also improves skin complexion, so you can see the difference.
  • Promotes loss of weight, since water energises our muscles and also prevents against cramps and sprains due to lactic acid build-up.

Stop Medicating And Start Hydrating

Since it is estimated that our bodies lose about 1.5 litres per day, it dawns on us just how important it is to replenish this. A balanced body means a healthy mind and so the water metabolism of our bodies should not be taken lightly. Across all schools of medicine, there is a consensus that water is a champion of balance. It facilitates the vital energy that circulates through meridians or channels connecting to bodily organs and functions, so fluid balance is imperative for your body to naturally remedy impurities.


The Summer Challenge Of Hydration

During the hot summer months extra caution must be paid to re-fueling your body. Read my previous post on the four steps to a happy and healthy summer. Below are some tips to help you drink more H2O, but there is also one way of ensuring your body is hydro-treated to the brim: combine a summer holiday with the healing powers of a hydrotherapy by making your holiday destination a detox session!


One of the most recent developments in health tourism is the Miraggio Thermal Spa and Resort that is dedicated to the wellness brought to us by the power of water. The Myrthia Spa uses the the benefits of water enhanced by specialised spa treatments to promote optimal well-being, looking at guests individual wellness needs. The signature treatment of Thalassotherapy is especially advantageous since it also utilises sea minerals and salts, which are said to work wonders for pores and skin.


Five Simple Tips To Stay Hydrated

Try to incorporate these simple tips into your daily routine to increase your water intake and to fully benefit from a well hydrated system. Also look into a reverse osmosis system for the best water:

  • Drink at least one beverage (if not a glass of water) with every snack and meal, and drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise.
  • Water is the best beverage, but also juices and milk have a high water content. However, choose beverages you are fond of or else you are more likely to skip it.
  • Eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. They have high water content and will add to your water intake.
  • Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. A good trick is to remember to have a few sips every time you look at it.
  • Avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time, as this exacerbates water loss, although you might not realise it.
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