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Essential Advice New Homeowners Should Keep in Mind to Avert a Plumbing Crisis

June 19, 2020
Now that you are the proud owner of your own home, you also need to assume responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep, including the plumbing system. When ignored, over time, even small plumbing issues can balloon into a crisis and ultimately leave you facing hefty plumber bills. Here’s what you...

Softened Water And The Lifestyle Issues You Should Know About

March 23, 2020
Water softeners are currently the go-to solution for solving every and all hard water problems. However, even if your plumbing is better off with a water softener, the planet and your overall health, might not. Sure, your clothes look less dingy and you no longer have mineral deposits on your...

Seven Overlooked Effects Of Drinking Contaminated Water

January 23, 2019
If you have been following the news over the past couple of years, you will no doubt be familiar with the situation going on in Flint, MI. The city of Flint has been absolutely besieged by issues relating to their drinking water. The genesis of the issue in Flint goes back...

Five Reasons To Spend More Time In The Water

March 26, 2018
Water. We drink it. We shower in it. The earth’s surface is more than half covered with it. Our bodies are about 70% water, depending on our age. We cook with water, brush our teeth with it, and use it to clean our floors. Water is all around us as...

The Benefits Of Water And Tips To Stay Hydrated

Drops of Water
July 24, 2016
Water is the fuel of life, there is no doubt about it! It is the driving force behind important processes to maintain bodily functions and synergies that are essential in keeping you healthy. It is imperative that you maintain hydration levels, but as daily routines can get quite hectic, water...