Essential Advice New Homeowners Should Keep in Mind to Avert a Plumbing Crisis

June 19, 2020

Now that you are the proud owner of your own home, you also need to assume responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep, including the plumbing system. When ignored, over time, even small plumbing issues can balloon into a crisis and ultimately leave you facing hefty plumber bills. Here’s what you need to learn about keeping your plumbing system from getting disrupted:

Order a Plumbing Inspection

The best thing to prevent nasty plumbing surprises after you move into your new home is to get a plumbing inspection done by an experienced plumbing company. This inspection will typically undertake a comprehensive check of the plumbing system to discover issues that need attention; some may be urgent while the others can be scheduled for later.

Know the Location of the Main Water Valve

When a plumbing disaster happens and your home is facing imminent flooding, you don’t want to be caught out not knowing where the main water supply valve is. Since even a difference of a few minutes can mean the destruction of your costly flooring, furniture, and furnishings, it is better that you know where the water mains valve is located in advance. By closing it, you will be able to shut down the water supply and get breathing time to call in an experienced Plumber Auckland.

Remember to Clean the Drain in the Shower Regularly

Even though it is not an enjoyable task to clean the hair and other debris in the shower stall, by undertaking a regular cleaning routine, you will ensure that your pipes don’t get clogged and leave you facing a steep plumbing bill. Installing a catch makes it easier to prevent the drain from being clogged. By chance, if the drain does get clogged, you should try to clear it with a snake, otherwise, a professional plumber will normally use a high-pressure water stream to blow away the blockage.

Stay Away from Chemical Drain Cleaners

Even though they may seem a convenient way of clearing a clogged drain, chemical drain cleaners cause damage to the drain pipes in the long run, according to This can result in your having to spend thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs. Instead, buy an inexpensive snake from any home improvement store and use it to clear clogs in drains before they become a big problem.

Cover Outdoor Water Pipes in the Winter

Because the water in pipes can freeze and cause them to burst in winter, it is quite likely that if you have gone out of town leaving them unattended, you could end up with a flooded house. An easy way of preventing pipes from bursting due to the water freezing in them is to open all the faucets a little so that the dripping water does not allow the formation of ice and wrapping insulation on pipes that are exposed to the elements.


Knowing how to maintain your plumbing system is something you will never regret because it can help to avert a lot many plumbing disasters. However, since sooner or later, you are likely to need the help of an experienced plumber, perhaps at short notice; you should keep handy the number of an experienced plumbing company that is available round the clock for emergency repairs.

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