Five Reasons To Spend More Time In The Water

March 26, 2018

Water. We drink it. We shower in it. The earth’s surface is more than half covered with it. Our bodies are about 70% water, depending on our age. We cook with water, brush our teeth with it, and use it to clean our floors. Water is all around us as a major part of our lives, but we do not always take advantage of the fun side of it. Water offers opportunities for exploration, exercise, and adventure. With all the family activities you can enjoy in and on the water, it is surprising how little we get out and enjoy it. Water could be what is missing from your family’s fun. So, without further ado, here are five reasons to spend more time in the water:


Water offers a virtually unlimited list of fun activities. If your family complains too much about being bored, get them outside and into the water. How? If you can not, or are not ready, to take your splish-splash fun too far from home, look to your own backyard. There are places all over the country that offer reasonable prices to install an outdoor pool. For example, you can contact a swimming pool contractor in New Jersey and keep the water around for family fun every day. It is hard to be bored when you have a pool! Plus, you can swim, dive, float, and play games. You also have other options besides splashing at home. You can go kayaking, canoeing, surfing, water-skiing, and more.


Another reason water is great for your family is because it will help them get some great exercise. Going for a run (you) or to gym class (your kids) can feel like the worst part of the day. However, when you are swimming on a sunny day, you are getting great exercise that does not feel like a chore at all. If you are worried that your kids are not as active as they should be, getting them into the water could be the perfect solution (and certainly not difficult)!

The Outdoors

While you can go splashing in an indoor pool, which is advisable when it is 18 degrees outside, a summer in the water means sunshine, fresh air, and the smell of green things. A canoe trip down the river is the perfect chance to reconnect with nature and that dose of fresh air and sun might be just what your family needs.

New Skills

In order to play safe in the water, you have to know how to swim. A lifejacket might be enough for some wading pool paddling, however, to dive, swim underwater, and be safe further from the shoreline at the lake, you and your kids need to have a good set of swimming skills. That means learning a new life skill that involves both the mind and the muscles. You can also pick up other skills, like surfing lessons in a place like Waikiki, HI. Scuba-diving or kayaking make great choices, as well.

Family Memories

Last, but not least, another great reason to get into the water is to make lifelong memories. Your kids will probably cherish the times you spent kayaking, swimming in the river, or spent Sunday afternoons floating in the pool. For your kids, a day in the water can feel like visiting a whole new place, and they will treasure the time you spent as a family, in and on top of the water.

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