Review: Delta Temp2O Showerhead

January 24, 2016

I never knew how important the temperature of the water is while taking a shower or bath until I had a baby. One of the first things that I bought after Joaquín was born was a thermometer for his daily bath. Our Pediatrician had explained to us in the hospital that the temperature had to be just right, especially since he has always been plagued with eczema on the creases of his body and the wrong temperature could make it worse.

Now that he is one and is almost ready to graduate from a baby bathtub to an adult bathtub and maybe even have a shower every once in a while, my husband and I had no idea how to control the water temperature. If we used the thermometer that we had purchased for the baby bathtub it could take forever to get the temperature right in the adult bathtub and if we decided to give Joaquín a shower it would be impossible to know what the temperature was. Well, Delta stepped in and saved the day! They have a revolutionary new product called the Delta Temp2O showerhead.

Delta Temp2O Showerhead

Delta Temp2O Technology allows you to dial in your optimum temperature each and every time that you take a shower. Recent research presented at the annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting, focused on cleansing at different temperatures and found subjects with moderate skin dryness saw better results when washing with above average temperatures. These findings were contrary to the conventional belief that lower water temperature is better for skin. A second study confirmed the original observation and determined that 103ºF (± 2ºF) was the ideal temperature range for maintaining optimum skin condition. These studies provide evidence that water temperature during cleansing is an important factor in maintaining optimum skin condition, especially for those with moderate skin dryness, like my son’s.

Joaquín Alejandro Ledesma

Not only am I excited for my son to use our new showerhead, I am excited for myself as well. With the Temp2O Technology helping to determine the appropriate temperature, I have no doubt my skin will be glowing afterwards! The showerhead could not be easier to install and it makes any shower instantly look classier. Do not want a showerhead? No problem, take a look at Delta’s website, as they have a variety of products with the amazing Temp2O Technology. I am certain that you will be able to find the perfect product for your shower or bath. Happy bathing!

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