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How Much Does The Average Bath Fitter Remodel Cost

March 1, 2022
To understand how much a bath fitter tub costs, you need to know what brings the difference between tubs. Regardless of their name being popular, bath fitter refers to a company, but not the product. This company started 30 years ago in Canada and later spread throughout the US. Bath...

Facts About Bathtubs A Surround And What It Can Do For You

December 13, 2016
Hidden away in a corner of the bathroom is a remarkable innovation that most people will never notice unless they meticulously inspect its edges. Bathtub: Fit For Luxurious Baths And Showers Who could ever think that beneath these exquisite creations is an ingenious utilization of what would otherwise have been...

Review: Delta Temp2O Showerhead

Delta Temp2O Showerhead
January 24, 2016
I never knew how important the temperature of the water is while taking a shower or bath until I had a baby. One of the first things that I bought after Joaquín was born was a thermometer for his daily bath. Our Pediatrician had explained to us in the hospital that...