Cheap Travel Tips For Sydney

February 21, 2022

If you are looking to explore Sydney on a budget, look no further. This blog post will discuss some of the best tips for cheap travel in Sydney, and we will cover everything from transportation to food and accommodation. So whether you are a student or just trying to save money, read on for some helpful advice.

Let us take a look at these tips:

Take public transport

Public transport is the cheapest way to get around in Sydney. A trip from Manly Beach to Bondi Beach costs you 5 AUD if you take a bus and a train. The ferry may cost you slightly more, but it is also a nice trip. As for using trains, trams and buses — make sure you have your Opal Card ready! You can purchase it at every train station or 7-eleven store (you do not need a photo of yourself). It can be filled with as much money as you want. 

The minimum balance is 15 AUD; however, 20-25 should be enough for most trips. If you want to see the whole of Sydney in a single day, it would be perfect for you to go for a helicopter service.


Sydney is known as the Harbour city, so why not walk around it. It is a beautiful way to see Sydney and the best part about walking around the harbour is there’s no need for buses or taxis because you are already doing your transport. The distance from end-to-end of the harbour walk route is approximately 30km (19miles); take whatever time you want and enjoy, or if that doesn’t suit your fancy take one of many ferry’s crossing the harbour — prices vary depending on which route you choose.

Use your Opal Card to save more

Some people do not bother getting an Opal card because they think it is too much hassle or expense when all you have to do is top up your normal transport card for a few dollars. However, if you are going to be in Sydney long term and will be using trains, buses and ferries a lot, then the extra expense at the beginning of getting an Opal Card will save you money in the end. 

An adult fare on any mode of transport costs $2.50 with a normal prepaid ticket but only costs $2.00 with an Opal card which means you can get away with not having to top up any more than that for a few weeks before it begins paying off. This may not sound like much, but it does add up over time. Plus, the credit you get on your normal transport card will expire in a few weeks, while Opal money can be used forever.

Free tours

There are free walking tours available all over Sydney. The best one takes place at Martin Place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. People from ‘Sydney Walking Tours’ lead you around the city, showing off some of its best features and telling you interesting stories about its history and how it came to be what it is today. They usually last about 2 hours, and you do not need any tickets or anything like that; they leave when they fill up.

The Bottom Line

Suppose you are backpacking, on a budget, or simply looking to save as much money as possible. Sydney could compete with some of the cheapest countries out there. And as if that is not already enough reason to fall in love with this place from the beginning — there is also an endless list of things to do that will not break any budgets either.

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