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February 21, 2022

The robed woman with a crown adorned on her head, standing graciously on Liberty Island in New York Harbor with a torch symbolizing enlightenment in one hand and a law tablet in the other has always been a welcome sign for the gloomy souls who went past her, with a sense of satisfaction enveloping them as they crept in through the harbor for over a century.

New York City is now the most populated metropolitan area in the United States, with a population of about 21 million people speaking well over 200 languages. With its historic monuments, famous skyscrapers, and beautiful people from all over the world, New York City will forever remain a spectacle.

Aside from its beauty and reputation as one of the most recognizable cities in the world, New York is famous for one thing especially when it comes to city life: its high cost of living. Housing, food, transportation, clothing, and taxes are all things that need to be considered. They are all higher than the majority of the other cities in the US.

The harsh reality is, for you to live in NY, you must be prudent and know how to work with a budget.

It is for reasons like this that it often does not have a good position on many “best cities to live in” lists.

But you should not let these deter you as we are about to show you safe areas in NYC, if you are not ready to relocate, you can check them out on your next visit. Let us go:

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge is frequently rated as one of Brooklyn’s most desirable neighborhoods.

The typical price for houses listed in the neighborhood is $673,792, according to famous rating sites. Homes cost just under $1,000,000, but this solely depends on the area.

Bay Ridge has a number of excellent schools to choose from, ranging from kindergarten to high school. The crime rates are low, its peaceful and quiet atmosphere makes it a great location for families.

Bay Ridge’s 60,500 people benefit from excellent public transportation that is easy to use, making it much easier to access nearby amenities.

Harlem, New York

Many people may be surprised to see Harlem on this list, given the neighborhood has long been associated with crime, economic stagnation, and deteriorating infrastructure.

But that was Harlem in the past.

When urban revitalization initiatives began in earnest in the nineties, the region took a favorable turn. The rate of crime began to decline, and new economic opportunities began to emerge. The neighborhood, which has a population of just under 200,000 people, is now considered one of New York’s trendier areas to live.

House prices have risen dramatically, with the average property now costing about $1m, up from $774,824 in 2011.

It may not be better than many other neighborhoods in terms of economics and housing, but Harlem does have outstanding public schools and a family-friendly atmosphere. With chic cafés, hip pubs, and sophisticated clubs aplenty, the nightlife is one of a kind.

Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan

This 16,000-person planned town is located near the Hudson River. Battery Park City is often regarded as one of the nicest areas to live in New York City — close enough to the major city’s hustle and bustle while far enough away to enjoy some calmness along the waterfront.

The high cost of living reflects the high cost of living in NYC, with the average property costing well over $1 million, sometimes averaging between $1,200,000 and $1,500,000. The same can be said about rent, which averages $2,969 per month.

But that is a price you pay for a lot of green parks that provide more than just a place to rest. Children can ride bicycles without the obvious risks that come with cycling in a town. Running on the seafront is a great way for busy parents to get some exercise. Pets are welcome to join their owners in pet-friendly parks.

The neighborhood boasts amazing views of the One World Trade (old World Trade Center), the Hudson, and Lady Liberty herself, among others.

Country Club, Bronx

Country Club is a small suburb of about 8,500 people, largely from the middle and upper classes, with an average household income of roughly $77,000.

One of its most appealing features is the low cost of living, with typical property prices hovering around $500,000 and average rental costs of $1,537.

This does not imply that one’s quality of life should drop, though.

There are good schools in the region, as well as parks and beaches where the entire family can relax. For vehicle owners, the neighborhood guarantees plenty of parking space. However, it has the disadvantage of being a long way from Manhattan, which is a disadvantage for any family that may have to deal with work or school commutes.

Massapequa Park, Long Island

Massapequa Park is also another place in New York that is ideal for families wishing to make their home there.

For starters, homes in this town of 17,000 people in Nassau County’s municipality of Oyster Bay are affordable. According to Zillow, the median property value is $463,800, which is extremely low by New York standards.

Its schools are highly ranked on the GreatSchools website (earning a solid 9/10).

This nice location also allows homeowners to take advantage of the best that NYC has to offer in terms of cultural and economic opportunities since a trip into Midtown Manhattan on the Long Island Railroad takes less than an hour.

Kenmore, Buffalo

Kenmore enters our list of the best areas to live in New York for two primary reasons: the public schools are among the best and the living costs are one of the lowest in the Empire State.

The median property price in New York is $111,200 (who says this city has to be expensive?) Rents are also significantly lower than the national average, at $681 (vs $928). This is excellent news for anyone wishing to relocate to the area, but not so much for real estate investors.

Kenmore, like Massapequa Park, is technically a village, with a population of about 15,000. Residents benefit from the low cost of living and good schools that perform remarkably well on GreatSchools.


These places have been carefully picked out for you so you can make informed choices when necessary, and do well to check them out when next you are in town.

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