Top 6 Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

February 21, 2022

We all know that an Indian wedding comes with its own set of functions and rituals. Every ceremony has its own story and purpose but the Haldi ceremony is by far the most fun and playful. It is a one of a kind event in and of itself, with all the vivid colours, the fragrance of turmeric in the air and the beautiful decorations. The Haldi ceremony takes place a day or two before the wedding to bless the bride and groom for a happily married life. Apart from the outfits that we are sure you have already bookmarked, the decor plays a significant role in the excitement of the Haldi ceremony. Beautiful background Haldi decorations that will never go out of style will make your celebrations stand out. 

While you are busy looking for the perfect venue and finding the ideal outfit, do not let the decor sit on the back burner. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of some timeless background decoration ideas for your Haldi ceremony. These background decorations will fit both an intimate wedding as well a big wedding party. The elaborate yet simple decoration ideas will sit pretty in your venue without a big fuss. 


The traditional colour palette for a Haldi ceremony is white and yellow. While this colour combination looks good, you can always experiment with more colours according to your wedding theme and season. Keeping this in mind, here are some background Haldi ceremony decoration ideas

  1. Marigold Flower Decor

Who else remembers the buckets of marigold flowers laying around the venue during weddings? Genda flowers are most popularly associated with all Indian weddings. They are widely available, brighten the venue easily and spread around a subtle floral scent. They induce a sense of festivity in us that is incomparable. The yellow-orange marigold flowers are quite versatile and can fit every venue. For a more home DIY feel, you can just hang strings of the flowers in the background. You can also attach strings of marigold flowers and mango leaves, known as Genda Torans. The addition of mango leaves puts an auspicious touch to the ceremony. Conversely, you can also get a canopy of Genda flowers made at your venue for prettier pictures. 

Source: The Wedding Design Company, Gautam Kullhar Photography

  1. Flower Wall

This is the easiest of them all. A flower wall is one of those grandiose yet minimalist background decorations that have the potential to take the style factor up a notch.  The best part is that you can go for any colour scheme you want. You can go full monochrome with just a traditional yellow wall. You can also opt for a fully whitewall or one that is filled to the brim with roses. A decorator can also create patterns on a flower wall. They can be as simple as a heart or the bride and groom’s initials to as complicated as you want. These flower walls are not only great background decorations but can also be used as a photo wall. 

Source: Graphico Events, Cupcake Productions

Tip: Never be afraid to take some suggestions from the experts regarding decor. They might have ideas that you hadn’t even thought about or words of wisdom to create a united decor for your ceremony. 

  1. Cloth Backgrounds

You can opt for gorgeous yet subtle cloth backgrounds for your Haldi ceremony. The options with a cloth background are endless. You can DIY a geometric background or have one with a single coloured cloth. Colour-blocking is a great option with such a Haldi ceremony background decoration. The classic colours of white and yellow are choices but you can also select oranges, pinks, reds and pastels. Depending on how maximal you want the backdrop to be, you can go for fabrics that have intricate prints and work on them or have a plain solid fabric. We suggest going for textiles like chiffon, georgette and cotton for a subtle and flowy aura. You can finish the decor with some fairy lights, flowers and origami shapes. 

Source: Weddings by Knotty Days, Design Aqua

  1. Floral Installations

Intricate floral arrangements add a touch of romance and whimsy to any event. You can go for complex halo-like arrangements or ones that hang on strings of flowers. Floral chandeliers are an option for grand wedding parties. The floral installations standing against a vibrant set-up will make for a beautiful Haldi ceremony background decoration. They will also serve as picturesque backdrops for the memories that will be created and clicked. Like with most floral decorations, floral arrangements are rather versatile in nature. You can have as many of these as you want in any structure you desire. For the best results, however, we suggest taking help and advice from a decorator. Their expertise might be the difference between having a pretty background Haldi ceremony decoration and an exquisite one. 

Source: 1plus1 Studio, Weddings by Knotty Days

Styl Tip: Blue and pastels are the new trends for background Haldi ceremony decoration ideas. Use the different decor elements to either highlight a colour scheme or have contrasting elements. 

  1. Paper Art

Paper art is one of the background Haldi decoration ideas that are perfect for both grand as well as intimate ceremonies. The easy yet effective technique adds looks extremely pleasing to the eye. There are multiple ways to do your Haldi background decor using papercraft. Origami cranes are a chic and sophisticated option. You can opt for a wall made completely of papercraft. Conversely, you can also arrange paper tassels, streamers and many more things in hanging arrangements. If you do not want the papercraft to be the show stopper, you can easily add it as an accessory. Keep the primary decor as floral or cloth and add the papercraft as an element that highlights the installations. You can also use them as a contrasting element in terms of colour or texture. 

Source: Design Aqua, Coolbluez Photography

We hope that this article helped you get some inspiration for background Haldi ceremony decorations. For any assistance regarding wedding or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

Stay tuned to Styl-Inc blogs for more wedding styling tips and tricks.

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