Practical Tips For Packing Light

April 16, 2021

There are several reasons why travelers choose to pack light. It could be the limited size of their luggage, weight limits imposed by airlines, or a travel itinerary that makes it difficult to bring a lot of stuff along. It could also be rooted in the need to limit the number of items to keep track of during their trip, or a desire to avoid those pesky baggage fees.

If you are someone who wants to pack light on your next trip, the following five tips will help:

Stretch Out Your style

Coordinate clothes, cosmetics, and accessories to devise the most number of matches as possible among a handful of items. For example, pack lip makeup that syncs up with the colors and shades of your clothing. The goal is to avoid all-or-nothing combinations that are independent of one another. In theory, your lipstick should work with every skirt you pack, and the same goes for jewelry and footwear.

Opt For Lighter Fabric

Choose your clothing carefully. While a comfy wool sweater does not seem too heavy when you are holding it in your hands, the weight adds up fast. Stick to cotton, nylon, and polyester as much as possible. Five pieces of clothing made from these lighter types of fabric will likely still weigh less than a single item made from wool or fleece. If you want to bring heavier clothing along, wear it during your flight.

Use Bags Instead Of Cases

Keep makeup, toiletries, and similar items organized by putting them into lightweight drawstring bags or zip-storage baggy. Avoid any rigid containers with hard sides since these will take up too much space. Designate a bag for each category of item by writing on them with a marker or memorizing which is which. Doing so will open up more room in a small piece of luggage.

Wear Your Heaviest Shoes While Traveling

Those who want to pack light are encouraged to only bring two or three pairs of shoes. Any more than that is probably unnecessary, let alone sure to take up extra space. Furthermore, wear your heaviest footwear through the airport and pack sandals, slip-ons, and other lighter types of shoes.

Source Items At Your Destination

Most hotels provide small bottles and packets of various toiletries. Meanwhile, most towns have a drugstore where you can buy toothpaste, pain reliever, and other items you might be tempted to pack. Make the most of these sources and purchase these items upon arrival. While it is best to avoid gift shops if you want to save money, virtually every pharmacy or local market will sell travel-sized items you can skip packing if space is limited.

Modern luggage design makes it easy to pack half your wardrobe and medicine cabinet. Smooth rollers, durable siding, and built-in USB chargers are undoubtedly the hallmarks of luxurious travel. But there is something to be said for the benefits of packing as light as possible. It saves you time, money, and hassle. What is more, the less you have to worry about, the more you can focus on the travel experience and adventure!

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