Elegant Jewelry Pieces To Take With You On Your Next Trip

September 28, 2021

Sure, jewelry pieces are meant to be experimented with and should be in accordance with ongoing trends, but what about those jewelry pieces that you can easily pack on your jewelry travel case that you recently bought at Roam Often and carry on your next vacation? While women may be inclined to flaunt the sparkliest pieces of statement jewelry, it isn’t easy to travel with heavy and valuable jewels. There are a few dainty and stylish options which just go with every outfit and are basically the most practical piece of jewelry one can own. 

Of course, these jewelry options may be lighter, more practical, inexpensive and few in number but even if you take one piece of adornment, it’ll still last your entire trip and make it memorable. Whether it is an old bracelet or the earrings that are very special to you, these tried and tested jewelry pieces are the core of our travel collection. Moreover, just the joy of not making another decision while traveling in our already hectic schedule, cannot be put in words. You can rely on the versatility of such jewelry that can carry your outfits from day to night and can be paired with almost anything you plan to wear – from evening dinners to sunset sips by the beach. 

It is easier said than done though. It is a tedious task to find such jewelry pieces that are a perfect blend of form and function, that can just serve you on your trip. Below are a few such elegant adornments that we have handpicked which are best suited for your need of lightweight travel jewelry. Have a look.

1. Pendant Necklace

Brighten up your travel outfits with a simple jewelry staple, such as a pendant necklace, that is beautiful to wear and speaks personally to you. They are versatile and can be paired easily with different combinations of outfits, to create a statement look. If you are a fan of natural stones such as Ruby or the Blue Sapphire, then Tanzanite is a perfect gem for you. Tanzanite pendants are made from an extraordinary stone, sourced from a single source in Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Formed over 2 billion years ago, the valuable Zoisite is known to help enhance the wearer’s intuition and imagination. It also creates a high vibrational frequency, allowing the wearer to connect with a higher spiritual realm, for deep profound meditation. The gem is also known to provide relief, protection and bring balance and insight into one’s emotions. 

2. Petite Crystal Huggies

Huggies are lightweight to carry and an essential to every woman’s travel box as they are an easy and an instant way to dress up any outfit. If you want to make a lasting impression on your trip, then go for a pair of petite crystal huggies that will do great wonders next to your crazy flamboyant outfits. If your personal style is suggestive of lots of sparkle or bling, then diamonds with large centerpieces such as Topaz, Rubies or Opal is the way to go. In case of a more subtle, and more sophisticated look, the matte black Shungite earrings will look a class apart. They are known to inhibit various healing properties, which makes them even more appealing and rare. Women who wear Shungite earrings on a daily basis will get protection from harmful EMFs, and other negative forms of energy in their surroundings. The dark ebony crystal will also provide a great contrast against monochromatic outfits, especially in cream, beige or white colors. 

3. Monogrammed Bracelets

The use of monogrammed jewelry has increased significantly since the last few years. From engraved coins, charms with zodiac signs, children’s birth dates, anniversaries, family initials, and more. Personalized bracelets are a convenient option for women who wish to create lasting memories with some vacation ‘vibes’, using shells, pearls and colorful charms to elevate their outfits instantly. From sleek gold curb chains, to textured cuffs and dainty charms, women no longer would require matching their accessories to their outfits. Women can easily keep on wearing these dainty and minimal chains or bangles for the entire trip. If you want to go with a statement look, then choosing a thicker chain with enabled diamonds can give an appropriate boost to your glam outfit. Although, it’s less about colors and more about material, choose between different textures, from twisted, rope, hammered, snake style, etc, there are a number of ways to pack a punch without overdoing it.

4. Open-Ended Ring

As the name suggests, open-ended rings (a new favorite of the fashion world) are the ones which are not in circular shape rather it has open from one side. Design houses all over the world are inclined to make more and more open-ended rings. The sudden rise of these rings has its reasons. They are designed to embellish a unique look to your holiday look through their unique structures. Owning a piece of jewelry that is eccentric and makes you stand out from the crowd has been the motto of the season. Keeping things personal and individualistic is the mark of any great jewelry collection and addition of an open-ended ring will do the same for yours. 

5. A Classic Watch

Nowadays, a watch holds the same value and is as a statement piece as a bangle or a cuff is. It no longer just serves as a device. In a true sense, a watch has become timeless and is a great addition to your travel accessories. Moreover, it is the most personal piece of accessory you are going to own and wear for the trip. The connection you feel while wearing a timepiece is indescribable. Whatever dial shapes, dial color, straps you are into, a classic timepiece adds panache to your presence which is unattainable with any other jewelry item. Every brand has their classic collection and in all certainty, it is their best-selling one. There are some good reasons for that. It is neither a collaboration nor a gimmick. The classic collection represents the ethos of that brand. For your vacation, treat yourself with a classic timepiece that adds a hint of style and kicks in with a little attitude in your personality. You deserve it. 

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