Andi’s Pick: Villa Il Poggiale

December 9, 2011

Villa Il Poggiale: Tuscany, Italy

First Impression

Is there anything more luxurious than staying in a villa in Tuscany?  Despite the fact that I am half-Italian and have been to the region previously, I have never had the good fortune to actually stay in one before.  And I could not think of a better place to celebrate my first Tuscan villa experience than Villa Il Poggiale.  This historical mansion is tucked away in the countryside and is one of those places where you immediately know upon first sight that you have stumbled across a real treasure.


Villa Il Poggiale is located in the Chianti region of Tuscany, less than an hour’s car drive away from Florence.  It is surrounded by verdant rolling hills and family-owned vineyards.  If you are looking to escape city life this is the place to do it, as your only concern will be when you have your first glass of wine for the day.

The Room

The villa is spread over acres of land and features twenty-two unique rooms.  Each room has its own special design and atmosphere.  I could tell that careful thought had gone into every detail of my spacious room from the Italian silk curtains and linens to the handpicked antiques and handmade tiles to the four-poster bed.

I did not get much time in my room, as I was occupied with exploring Tuscany, however if I had had the time, I would have taken advantage of the couch next to the window, as it looked out upon the villa’s charming courtyard.

The Bathroom

My ensuite bathroom was everything I could have hoped for and more.  I had a large bathtub (with a heated towel rack next to it) that was perfect for soaking in after a long day of eating, drinking, and walking Italian style.

 The Extras

What sets Villa Il Poggiale apart from the rest is that not only does it offer stunning and comfortable accommodations, it also offers a world-class spa, an outdoor pool, a gourmet restaurant, and guided tours of the area and other nearby cities.  However, the amenity that is my favorite is the reception room, which has two things that will take your breath away: a grand chandelier and a fully stocked bar that is available twenty-four hours a day.  I will forever remember drinking champagne underneath the dazzling masterpiece.

 Why It Is Andi’s Pick

The villa’s grounds are some of the most beautiful I have seen in all of my travels and being surrounded by them is la docle vita at its very best.

 Social Media

A special thank you is in order to Trafalgar Tours for arranging this stay.  This is an example of why they are the current leading travel company.

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Andi's Pick

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131 thoughts on “Andi’s Pick: Villa Il Poggiale

  1. Fidel

    I’m definitely going to have to experience a Trafalgar Tour. I never heard of them until you began your tour and you are really selling me on the experience, especially as I become an older, more seasoned traveler. Since I’ve been to Tuscany, the area that this mansion is in, does it allow for easy travel by bicycle to villages that surround it or do you need a car?

    1. Andi Perullo

      Trafalgar Tours is AMAZING!!! You would LOVE them! I think that if you wanted to stay in Tuscany you could easily get around on a bike, however if you wanted to see other cities, such as Florence, you would definitely need to rent a taxi or a car.

      1. Fidel

        Well, Florence is my favorite city in the world, but I think I could go a few days in Tuscany without the urge to gallivant to Florence, lol. I think I can, I think I can.
        I remember on the Plus Florence tour of Siena and San G, I went on, we drove past all these beautiful looking hillside villages and I just wanted to get out and explore them for myself. So I think I would opt for a bicycle and simply ride, ride, ride and discover places I’ve never once read about.
        Did you bring back any wines?

        1. Andi Perullo

          Florence is really special. This was my 2nd time there and I found it incredibly difficult to leave. My heartstrings were definitely being pulled!!! I would love to villa hop one day when I have the time. I didn’t bring back on wines, but I did bring back a special strawberry infused champagne that I will blog about soon!

  2. Maria of culture-ist

    I recently visited Villa d’ este in Lake Como and found the whole notion of visiting a historic Italian villa to be enchanting. Thanks for sharing this post — it took me back to that lovely trip.

    1. Andi Perullo

      Oh wow, I’m dying to get to Lake Como! Do you have a post on your time there? Would love to see it! I’m glad that you were able to live vicariously through my post.

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  4. Lisa

    One of the more impressive blogs I’ve seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. You’ve got style, class, bravado.


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