How to buy Luxury Fashion Brands

January 17, 2024

When it comes to luxury fashion shopping, one thing that has recently become a common topic for discussion among so many is how expensive the luxury market has become. Now, considering buying a luxury item, may it be a piece of clothing, shoes, or bags especially, the conversation we carry is now in thousands of euros, and it never seems to go less. One would imagine that such raised prices would slow our spending and keep our urge to shop at the lowest, and indeed, this is the case to some degree. The inevitable fall of the luxury fashion sector profit is now apparent, and even the “always-in-demand” iconic fashion houses, such as Burberry, admitted the change in their predicted sales, preparing for a much lower turnover. 

Despite the obvious changes, the luxury fashion market is going nowhere, and while people are still drawn to shopping, the most important question is now how to shop wiser. Fashion is known to be a fast-changing industry, but with its prices on the rise, it becomes harder to process the idea of retiring something you bought just a couple of seasons ago when a generous sum of money has been paid for it. 


So, if you are willing to spend a big coin yet want to see your fashion investment making sense in the long run, consulting with a professional is the right place to start. Speaking to a fashion stylist or a personal shopper will help you get insights on some of the topics, like which it bag is at the top of popularity but would only stay relevant for a year or two and which signature bag is here to stay for many years; how to create a wardrobe which won’t look outdated based on colors, silhouettes, fabrics, etc.; how to choose luxury shoes that would keep you happy and looking up to trend?


Now, one may think that when everything costs extra, turning to a professional would only mean additional expenses. While there is some truth to that, keep in mind that most luxury shopping malls have their own personal shoppers, and if you are a customer with a certain budget, the help of such a professional comes as complementary. However, it is even easier to get good advice online before getting noticed by personal shoppers of luxury retail gurus like Saks, Harrods, Printemps, etc. 


One of the websites with fashion styling and personal shipping services tailored to luxury fashion that has caught our attention is Le Fashion Artiste. This luxury fashion platform is meant to make shopping insightful, fun, and more relatable. 

Among quite a few features on this site, the one we liked the most was the option of chatting with a personal fashion shopper in real-time at no charge. Exploring this option, we asked for a few quick tips on making smarter luxury fashion purchases. And here is what we heard back from one of the luxury fashion stylists at Le Fashion Artiste, Lisa. 

” While shopping serves fun and pleasure, I prioritize practicality, so I always suggest a smart purchase over an emotional one. If your goal is to protect your wallet from any unnecessary stress, here are a few things to remember: when buying clothes, try to buy items that speak to your style from the start. Buying an item that fits your everyday aesthetics would make it easy to integrate it into your wardrobe without buying additional things to build an outfit. When it comes to bags, I suggest taking a longer time, saving up, and investing in a more expensive bag that is more likely to rise to the challenge of trends over the years, so Chanel, Hermes, and Bottega Veneta are a great choice. Otherwise, it’s also good to look at the signature bags that your favorite brand keeps on releasing in different colors; the Loewe Puzzle bag would be a great example. The same goes for shoes; don’t go for something too recognizable. Everyone is obsessed over this season’s YSL pumps and Miu Miu vampire heels, meaning everyone will also remember what year you bought them. On the contrary, Amina Muaddi Shoes & Heels have already had their pick moment and are now considered classics. The Begum model is released in new colors every season, so it would be hard to guess whether your luxury shoes are a fresh purchase or something you have had in the closet for a while…”

  1. Now, these are just a few basic tricks to keep in mind; however, if applied wisely, they could help out your fashion shopping expenses.
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