Revolutionize Your Ride: Exploring the Addmotor Triketan Series Electric Trike

January 29, 2024

Do you want to enjoy effortless riding on all terrains with one of the electric trikes for adults? The Addmotor Triketan series fat tire electric trikes are the best with their unparalleled performance and power abilities. 


Read the full article below to understand how these fat tire electric trikes can benefit your urban or city commuting. Let’s start without any further delay. 

How Addmotor Electric Trikes For Adults Can Revolutionize Your Ride:

The Addmotor electric trikes for adults can provide you with a smooth and highly comfortable riding experience. The use of cutting-edge technology and power abilities make these trikes highly efficient for all types of terrains including hills, rocks, snow, and sand. 


The Triketan series fat tire electric trikes enable you to enjoy effortless riding as a daily commuter, adventure rider, loader, or tourist. You can convert your rides into unforgettable memories with these stylish and convenient modes of transportation.

Addmotor Triketan Series Electric Trikes:

The Triketan series is a collection of 4 powerful fat tire electric trikes with different specifications and features. This includes Triketan II M-330 2024, Triketan M-350, Triketan M-330F Folding Electric Trike, and Triketan II M-330 mini. Let’s separately explore the features of each trike.  


1. Triketan II M-330 2024 Electric Tricycle and Latest Upgrades:

Rear Motor Placement and Powerful Battery:

The Triketan II M-330 2024 is equipped with a powerful rear wheel motor of 750W power. The rear placement offers more efficient acceleration and traction as compared to the front hub motor. Moreover, the trike is equipped with a long-lasting 20Ah battery that offers 85+ miles of distance coverage per charge.

Torque Sensor:

This fat tire electric trike is equipped with advanced torque sensing technology to measure the rider’s pedaling force and tailor the motor output accordingly. It offers a low-effort workout and increases the battery performance by almost 30%.

Parking Brake System:

Another upgrade in Triketan II M-330 2024 is the installation of a parking brake system. This brake system is useful for secure parking of your trike on steep and inclined surfaces. The parking brake prevents your trike from unintended movement and potential damage when parked outside. 

Rear Trailer Tube:

The Triketan II M-330 2024 is installed with a highly durable rear trailer tube to increase the structure’s durability and cargo capacity. This trailer tube is best for attaching a trailer or cargo carrier at the rear. It enables you to utilize your fat tire electric trike for various types of rides including loading goods, offering delivery services, and recreational rides. 

Speed Differential:

The upgraded speed differential for rear wheels offers smooth turning and improves the stability of the trike. It allows both rear wheels to rotate at a different speed to ensure a controlled turn and reduces the risk of rolling, drifting, and skidding in sharp turns.  


2. Triketan M-330F Folding Electric Trike:

Folding Frame:

The Triketan M-350 folding electric trike features a folding aluminum alloy frame that is highly durable and lightweight. This sleek and stylish design gives an eye-catching look to the trike and grabs the attention of the viewers on the streets. 

Powerful Rear Motor:

The M-330F boasts a robust and high-power motor of 750W to deliver robust power for effortless riding. The motor is the main power hub to ensure your effortless journey and produces 90NM torque to meet the power requirements during the ride 

High Efficiency Battery:

This folding electric trike features a powerful Samsung-made 20 Ah battery to offer electric pedaling for longer distances, up to 85+ miles per charge. This battery is internationally recognized and certified for Underwriters Laboratory safety standards. 

Torque Sensor:

The M-330F folding electric trike is equipped with the latest technology torque sensor for moderate use of electric power. These sensors work to measure the rider’s pedaling force and customize the motor output for efficient use of the battery.

Front Suspension and Fat Tire:

The trike is installed with Addshox front suspension to effectively deal with bumps and shocks of hilly and uneven tracks. Moreover, it has 30 X 3 inches fat tires that are prepared in 3 layers to ensure puncture resistance, increased durability, and grip. 

3. Triketan M-330 Mini Electric Trike For Adults:

Design and Construction:

The M-330 is the most compact version of the Triketan electric trikes for adults. It offers better performance and controlling ability to riders with small height. The bike is 30 inches high to ensure effortless control and pedaling.

Powerful Motor:

The M-330 mini is upgraded with a rear-mounted powerful motor of 750 watts. This motor generates 90-newton meter torque and can effortlessly carry weight up to 450 lbs.

Long Lasting Battery:

The Triketan M-330 Mini fat tire electric trike is installed with a long-lasting battery made by Samsung. This battery powers 20Ah and can offer distance coverage of 85+ miles per charge. 

Chip-Type Controller:

The M-330 mini trike is installed with an upgraded chip-type controller to improve the performance of all electronic circuits. This controller reduces the response time and improves the overall performance of the trike. 

PAS and Cadence Sensor:

The M-330 mini fat tire electric trike is equipped with 7 7-level pedal assistance systems for effortless riding on rough and hard terrains. It also features a cadence sensor for measuring the rider’s pedaling pressure and adjusting the amount of electric assistance to save battery.


The Addmotor Triketan series electric trikes for adults are your ticket for effortless riding. You can enjoy effortless rides on all types of different terrains including beaches, mountains, hilly trails, snowy areas, running errands, and exploring the city landscape. 


The Triketan series has 4 sub-models of fat tire electric trikes i.e. Triketan II M-330 2024, Triketan M-350, Triketan M-330F folding electric trike, and Triketan II M-330 mini. All these electric trikes are a perfect combination of sleek design and power abilities and offer unmatched comfortable riding. 


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