Top 5 Qualities of A Premium Hair Dryer

February 7, 2024

 Are you a hair care enthusiast? If yes, then you might know the real significance of a premium hair dryer. In the world of hair care, a hairdryer is much more than a tool to set the hair. It is like a companion that significantly contributes to the health and style of the hair.

It is essential to always have a premium hair dryer because using a local dryer can damage your hair. The need to find good hairdryer even increase more when you use it regularly or have professional saloon. But, before you invest your hard-earned money in any of the hair dryers, make sure to know about the must-have qualities of the dryer.

Advanced Motor Technology

Undoubtedly, A powerful motor is the heart of every hair dryer. These days, various types of motors are available on the market. The typical two types you will find in the market are:

  • DC (Direct Current) Motors
  • AC (Alternating Current) Motors

Usually, most hair dryers come with AC motor technology because it is way more efficient and robust. Also, you will find premium dryers incorporated with advanced motor technologies such as brushless digital motors. Such motors not only promote the lightweight design but also increase the airflow, which ultimately increases the life span of the blow dryer.  It is the best option available for regular use because it reduces heat damage and accelerates drying time.

Heat Control

Temperature control is a crucial aspect of every premium hair dryer. Every hairstyle requires different heat settings, which is not possible in local hair dryers. Almost every premium hair dryer comes with heat adjustment settings, which makes it the perfect option for professionals. Also, advanced heat distribution technologies and sensors help to maintain a consistent temperature that prevents hot spots which are harmful to the hair cuticle.

Good Power

A premium dryer needs to have enough power to dry the hair instantly. Dryers are usually available in various variants; you should choose the one depending on your hair type. For example, if you have thin hair, then 1800 is enough for you. Usually, the majority of professionals use hair dryers having a power of as high as 3600 watts. Such hair dryers are adjustable, so they set it according to the hair type of their clients.

Versatility And Attachments

If you are a hair care enthusiast, then you might know that each hairstyle requires different attachments. Therefore, having a dyer compatible with the majority of attachments becomes essential in hair care, and staying in your profession. Using different attachments or accessories one can design from diffusers for curly hair to concentrators for precise styling, which makes it a multifunctional tool.

Simplistic Design

High-end hair dryers must be both comfortable and simple to use. Lightweight materials and ergonomic designs offer a comfortable grip, reducing the strain on the hands and wrists after hours of use. A user-friendly experience is made easier by thoughtful features including balanced weight distribution and cool-touch technology available in high-end hair dryers.

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