Family Fun in Saudi Arabia: Top 10 Activities for Memorable Adventure?

June 13, 2024

The mindset of pilgrims and the lifestyles, an Umrah pilgrimage changing. No doubt, it is the best way to do Ibadah far from usual routine and worldly tasks. This spiritual journey brings divine blessings to believers and also makes them feel closer to Allah. However, one can even enhance the outcomes of pilgrimage. Well, it is a case when you plan your spiritual journey with family members. In this regard, Cheap Umrah packages also facilitate pilgrims and provide them with family Umrah deals. The purpose of this family pilgrimage is to practice Islamic rituals together. It not only purifies the souls of the family but also makes their bonding stronger. This way, you also have a chance to engage in a family adventure trying the following fun activities. So, if you are planning to perform Umrah with your family, this blog post offers something to you. Go ahead and find which activities suit your budget and time availability in the first place.

Family-Friendly Activities to Try in Saudi Arabia 

Islam promotes unity. According to Islamic teachings, the reward of every good deed increases when you perform it together with family members. The same goes for an Umrah pilgrimage as well. Family pilgrimage brings manifold blessings from Allah. It is not only spiritual, but it also offers physical and emotional benefits. This is also a reason Umrah packages facilitate families to get on the pilgrimage journey and make the most of their trip. You can consider the importance of family pilgrimage from the fact that Umrah deals like the Umrah packages also provide family services to pilgrims. In addition to spiritual and emotional benefits, visiting Saudi Arabia has a fun side too. There are a number of places you can visit with family members and try fun activities. However, if you are not sure about what to visit and which activities to try there, follow this blog post. Here is a complete guide to how you can get the benefit of pilgrimage and family adventure in a single trip.

  1. Dining Together at Family-friendly Restaurant 

We all find Arabic dishes viral on social media. The mouthwatering Kabsa, Mandi, and Baklava are traditional Arabic dishes. So, why not try these delicious bites in Saudi Arabia with family? In Saudi Arabia, restaurants respect the values and preferences of visitors. Therefore, you will find quality restaurants with separate rooms for family dining so that families can enjoy at best. So, if you are in Saudi Arabia and looking for a classic adventure with family, dine together at a family-friendly restaurant. It is memorable because Arabic restaurants have food of all kinds. They cater to adults, young, and kids with various food options. The same goes with people with health conditions as well. In short, dining with family is like a custom experience where everyone can enjoy his favorite dish.

  1. Explore Historical Sites 

Families have their own preferences. Everyone wants to enjoy something unique. Similarly, the age difference also brings a difference of interest. However, history is something that surprises everyone. People of all ages have an interest in knowing past events and lifestyles of historians. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is a perfect place to match your interests with family members together. So, make a family-friendly plan to travel to historical sites. Also, manage the comfort and preferences of your family within your plan. The most famous historical landmarks are Al Ula, Madain Saleh, and Al Balad. There are also many others you can consider depending on your location, time span, and convenience. These historical sites not only reveal secrets of the past but also bring visitors closer to nature. Seeing rock formations and spending quality time together in a serene atmosphere are favorite activities of families in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Take a Look at Museums 

After historical sites, museums are the best source of knowledge. The way in which historical background and events are displayed attracts the attention of all ages. Moreover, management staff regularly maintain the outlook and concepts of museums. This is why you will find authentic and complete information about history. Museums in Saudi Arabia are unique as they cater to the interests of all ages. The most common ones are the National Museum of Saudi Arabia and the Museum of Art in Jeddah. They provide a bunch of historical details and interactive concepts in a short time. The best part is that you can visit a museum without the help of a guide. So, if you are short on time but still want to experience historical adventure, take a look at the museum there.

  1. Try Desert Camping

Saudi Arabia is abundant in deserts. Deserts always attract visitors as they are unique and relaxing. They are also not like other marvels of nature but unique in their own way. Some people avoid visiting deserts because of their heat while others want to spend quality time under the clear sky. However, deserts only hurt during the daytime. Their temperature falls down in the evening. Therefore, it is the best time to visit deserts with families. Camping with family members and sand boarding together makes lifelong memories. In the night, they are free to stargaze over the vast sky. It is also a kind of family adventure in Saudi Arabia furthermore, trying Bedouin meals in the desert is the best option. 

  1. Plan a Beach Day

Spending a day at the pristine beaches of Saudi Arabia is attractive. Visitors travel to Saudi Arabia to explore its coastal diversity. However, one cannot enjoy a beach day at best alone. It is always better to have fun with loved ones or family members. The beaches of Saudi Arabia offer a chance to try multiple water activities. For instance, trying fishing, diving, swimming, and boating are popular ones. The best part is that the beaches of Jeddah and Yanbu also provide fun options for kids and adults. They can enjoy themselves in parks, relax near the shallow water, or try food points there.

  1. Visit Pilgrimage sites

Muslims always prefer to visit holy sites during their trip to Saudi Arabia. They find peace of mind and closeness to Allah there. However, if you are not planning a pilgrimage this year but only a short family trip, you can visit pilgrimage cities for short. Exploring religious places with family members is a unique experience. Their respect for holy sites and gratitude towards Islamic rituals strengthen the bond among family members. Although you cannot perform Umrah rituals properly without an Umrah visa, you can still experience the serenity together. For pilgrims, it is no more difficult with Umrah packages. They facilitate the custom tours of families to places like the District of Hira, Kiswah factory, masjid an-Nabvi, and Uhud Mountain.

  1. Shop for Souvenirs 

Shopping attracts everyone especially when there are options available. And shopping with family members is an adventure of the next level. No matter whether you are a pilgrim with the 14 Nights 4 star Umrah package or a traveler, shopping for souvenirs is permanent. Saudi Arabia caters to the shopping needs of everyone. There are big malls as well as traditional marketplaces like Souks available out there. So, it depends on how you want to experience shopping with your family together. For visitors, Souks or traditional Marketplaces are best to try out at first. They are full of a variety, of organic products, jewelry, and handicrafts. In short, these markets cover the needs of all ages. However, visiting malls is also up to you. You can either curate their modern collection or buy souvenirs from there as well.

  1. Attend Festivals

Festivals represent the culture of a region. Their exhibits, handicrafts, sports, and traditional music all are unique. The same goes with Saudi Arabia as well. You will find regional festivals everywhere during your trip. However, some are also unique to seasons and places. For instance, the flower festival of Saudi Arabia is famous among visitors. So, attending these festivals with family members is a true example of family adventure. The folklore, traditional displays, and poetry attract all ages. You can find the relevant festival in your region by asking locals.

  1. Ride a Camel 

Riding a camel is also part of the desert adventure. In Saudi Arabia, Arabs still prefer camels as their means of transportation. They consider it unique to Saudi Arabia and the tradition of their ancestors. What’s interesting is that they also provide the experience of riding a Camel to visitors. So, it would be your next family adventure for sure. 

Riding a camel amidst the desert together with family will let you explore the desert from the top. This way, you can also capture memories as well as wildlife far from your sight otherwise.

  1. Explore a Theme Park

Riyadh and Jeddah come into the minds of visitors when it comes to entertainment. Their thoughtful collection of sites and amusing creations attract crowds of travelers. It especially happens with visitors and their families who want to perform a unique experience in Saudi Arabia. Theme parks are common to both of these cities. For instance, Al Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah and the Joy City of Riyadh are famous. These parks consist of different types of rides for all ages. They have special areas for kids and oldsters. Families can easily dine out and enjoy picnics there. The sunset and lit up during the night seem out of this world. In short, if you want to give a sweet end to your family adventure, plan a visit to a theme park for sure.

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