My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 19

April 2, 2012
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My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 18 (Part 2)

March 29, 2012
Upon returning to Pousada Picinguaba, my husband and I went our separate ways.  He wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon slumbering in our suite's hammock, while I wanted to further explore the grounds. In my previous post, I discussed living a life of excitement and that my greatest passion is travel. ...

My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 18 (Part 1)

March 21, 2012
My husband and I awoke with a difficult decision to make: do we spend the day enjoying everything that Pousada Picinguaba had to offer its guests or do we explore the nearby village?  Over breakfast we decided we would do both and then set off to see what lied beyond...

Andi’s Pick: Pousada Picinguaba

March 19, 2012
Pousada Picinguaba: Pousada Picinguaba, Brasil First Impression I believe the perfect honeymoon is not about the destination, rather it is about the precious time a couple spends together celebrating their new path in life.  Which is why my husband and I decided that we had to visit Pousada Picinguaba, because there...

My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 17

March 16, 2012
Before we began our honeymoon, we accepted the fact that there would be a lot of traveling during our time in Brasil.  We were visiting 4 cities, 3 of which were off the beaten track.  Our next stop would be Picinguaba.  We had to drive 1.5 hours from Trancoso to...