My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 20

April 9, 2012
On our last day at Pousada Picinguaba, we decided to venture into Parati, which was about a 30 minute taxi drive away.  I had heard rumors that this city was a "hidden gem," but it was not until we were wandering throughout its plethora of colonial cobblestone streets did I...

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 20

May 30, 2011
My husband and I wanted an all-beach honeymoon.  But, the colonial city of Parati called out our names ever so sweetly, thus we had to spend one day exploring her cobblestone streets.  And we are so delighted that we listened to her calls.  These are my three favorite photos from...

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 17

May 23, 2011
We are leaving for Parati today and while I am excited to see a new city in Brasil, I am definitely going to miss Villas de Trancoso with all of my heart.  One of the things that I am going to miss the most is our bed and not for...

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 12: My Brasil Packing List

May 19, 2011