Dealing with a Trademark Objection? Here’s how to emerge a Winner

September 25, 2020
Registration of marks takes approximately 12 to 18 months in India. One of the most significant challenges arises when the Trademark Registrar lodges the objection. Trademark establishes a brand name that varies from other industry rivals. Protecting the brand's distinct identity is, therefore, vital. But what if you can't assert...

7 of the World’s Easiest Mountains to Climb

September 22, 2020
The misconceptions circulating about the difficulties and dangers of mountain climbing can easily be dispelled. Mountaineering is not just about carrying ropes, ice axes, mechanical jammers, and crampons. You don’t have to climb the world's tallest mountain, Himalayas, the Andes, or the Antarctic mountains! Throw out the old-fashioned notions about...

Why Everyone Should Visit Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
September 22, 2020
A lost world. An ancient civilization. A location that soars above the clouds. A beauty that can’t really be explained. Everything about a visit to Machu Picchu will leave you awestruck. It’s a place that I came away from, not just with a bunch of great Instagram photos, but also...

A Look into the History of Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band

September 21, 2020
As the name says, a Milanese loop Apple Watch band is made from metal wires worked into a mesh look. This is how this band gives a sophisticated or robust look to your watch. Different types of mesh give different looks to your Apple Watch. A Milanese Loop Apple Watch...

5 Fence Types for Security and Privacy and More

September 21, 2020
A residential fence can perform many duties: to keep the guard dog from roaming, marking a property line, as part of a residential security system, or for privacy. Which type should be installed? The answer depends on many factors and function is just one. In some cases, the neighborhood association...