Health risks associated with forklift operation and its prevention

June 9, 2021
Health risks come in with every occupation but knowing how to deal with them and preventing them is very important. Forklift operators get exposed to health risks on an everyday basis. For example, sitting for long hours, clenching, and twisting the neck to see behind can adversely affect health. If...

Eric Dalius Shares 4 Reasons to Form an LLC for Assets While Starting a Business

June 9, 2021
Many business owners consider forming an LLC, a smart decision to protect themselves against liability if and when it arises. If you are unaware of an LLC — short for limited liability company — it’s a corporate structure or separate legal entity wherein the owner is not accountable for the...

Eric Dalius Says Data and Information Is Vital for Businesses, Destroying It Safely Is Essential

June 9, 2021
We all know that technology is advancing at such a fast rate. More and more computers, desktops, and other devices with amazing capabilities come into the market. These advanced devices make your old PC obsolete and force you to consider buying the more advanced one so that you and your...

Eric Dalius Explains Why Asset Integrity Management Plays a Key Role in Business Success

June 9, 2021
Asset management programs are primarily aimed at ensuring that your assets perform their necessary functions over their lifespan. Asset Integrity Management (AIM) has the same mission but focuses on health, safety, and the climate. The goal helps ensure that the appropriate personnel, programs, processes, and services are in operation, and...


June 9, 2021
Is it even a birthday party without a cake? There isn't any party or occasion complete without a cake! Everyone will agree with me! If one doesn't have an event coming up and is craving something sweet, one can still go for cakes! No one can get bored of cakes...