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Addiction In The Elderly Population

Addiction in Elderly
February 2, 2023
Most people associate drug abuse and addiction with young adults. While it is true that young people as a group have a higher risk of substance use, the evidence for the elderly population is, to put it nicely, sparse. Despite a lack of proof, it is commonly considered that adult...

How Can A Drug Rehab Center Help Addicts In Their Recovery?

Drug Rehab
October 11, 2022
Drugs are destructive to a person's life. Drug addiction is a fatal and incurable disease. It destroys the person physically, mentally, and socially. The rehabilitation center provides all the necessary care to addicted people who want to get rid of this disease. A rehabilitation center is a place where people...

Do’s and Don’ts When Your Partner is Struggling With Addiction

September 5, 2022
In the wake of addiction, it's easy to become frustrated and angry with your partner. You may feel like you’re part of the problem, or you’re not doing enough for them. If they’ve alcoholism, binge drinking, and drug addiction, you might feel like you're being used, but ‌ not everyone...

Signs And Treatments For Heroin Abuse And Addiction

August 1, 2022
Heroin is a highly addictive drug that can quickly take hold of your life. If you suspect that a loved one is using heroin, knowing the signs and treatments for heroin abuse and addiction will help you offer support and encourage them to get help.  It can be pretty challenging...

Effective Distractions To Keep Your Mind off Your Addiction

Luxury Rehab
January 25, 2022
Refocusing your thoughts is a powerful tool that can help with several issues. For example, mental health therapists may use mindfulness meditation with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) clients. Therapists use mindfulness meditation to teach their clients how to calm their minds and eliminate negative thoughts.  Tens of millions of Americans...