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Fans Vs Air Con: Which Is Right For Your Home?

Air Conditioning
September 16, 2022
Electric fans and air conditioning are two different ways to cool a home. But which should you rely on when it gets hot? This post explains the difference between the two and when to use each one.  What is the difference between the two? Fans work by simply moving air...

Here Is How To Quiet A Loud Air Conditioner

May 13, 2022
By understanding how you handle air conditioner noise, you can finally enjoy peace during the day and a restful night's sleep. The impact of sound from an HVAC unit varies depending on the individual. Certain sounds and frequencies cause extreme sensitivity in some persons. Some sounds are so loud that...

Know Whether Or Not You Should Cover Your Air Conditioner

September 20, 2019
When summer is gone and fall is around the corner, it is time to concentrate on all things that you need to do especially during the fall. You will need to put up the storm windows, turn off the sill-cocks outside and even cover up the air conditioner unit. Yes,...