Know Whether Or Not You Should Cover Your Air Conditioner

September 20, 2019

When summer is gone and fall is around the corner, it is time to concentrate on all things that you need to do especially during the fall. You will need to put up the storm windows, turn off the sill-cocks outside and even cover up the air conditioner unit. Yes, your AC!

It is unwise to let the unit, especially the outdoor unit, if you have a split air conditioner installed, to accumulate snow on it. Invariably, you will need to call an AC repairman before summer comes to make it work again.

Therefore, be wise and protect your unit with one of the best and most suitable AC covers that you get on the market.

The protection provided

There are many people who do not want to invest on ac covers or waste time on installing a cover on their AC unit. They think that there is no need to do this. However, prudent people who want to make their AC unit run at its optimal level for its entire lifetime will make this small investment of time and money to protect their large investment on the unit and get a high ROI.

If you wonder why do people install air conditioner covers, well the simple answer is to protect their units from several things such as:

  • Dirt
  • Nesting animals
  • Moisture
  • Hail
  • Ice
  • Bitter cold
  • Snow and
  • Harsh sunlight.

The list seems to be pretty long and raise your interest in investing on one, if you not have already.

Reviewing the consequences

Now, another question may haunt you: how do these elements affect the unit or its functionality. A proper review of these elements and the consequences will help you to understand things in a better way.

  • Dirt: This is the most dangerous element to an air conditioner unit. It has significant effect of the fan of the outdoor unit because when it is running, it will suck in air along with dust and dirt from all sides of the unit and when it accumulates, even when it is sitting idle in the winters, it can affect the functionality.
  • Hail, snow, ice and others: Though accumulation of these on the unit will not have any immediate effect on the unit, the problem may arise when it melts. Water seeping in onto the electrical circuits may damage the units internally and even cause shorts when you switch it on, damaging the unit permanently apart from the risk of a fire breakout.
  • Nesting animals: Not requiring much of an explanation, these can cause damages to the wires inside and sometimes can also cause shorts when the unit is switched on. It’s all science!
  • Harsh sunlight: Well, the unit should always be protected from it which is why manufacturers suggest that you install the outdoor unit in shades.

Even after all this info, people may still not be very keen on investing on AC covers. However, a cover will add an extra layer of protection to it. Well, it is all over to you now. 

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