What Is The Difference Between Analog And Digital Hygrometer?

December 26, 2019

A cigar expert can tell you a lot about different hygrometers but he cannot tell which is right for you. You have to decide which hygrometer is ideal for your collection of Avo cigars. Someone can provide you with the information you need. In the end, it is up to you to make a well-informed decision. So, let’s talk about the different types of hygrometers with their pros and cons.


It is a device you need to measure the humidity in your humidor or wineador. A hygrometer calculates the humidity by considering the temperature and the amount of moisture in your humidor or wineador. You can see the percentage of humidity on the display of the device. The relative humidity increases when the temperature increases and decreases when the temperature decreases. Following are the two types of hygrometers:

  1. Digital Hygrometer     
  2. Analog hygrometer

Both are widely used. So, you have to be aware of the pros and cons of both to decide which one is right for you.

Why Use A Hygrometer? 

This device is an important part of your wineador or humidor. It tells you about the conditions around your Avo cigars or any other brand you are collecting. Your cigars are destined to get ruined if you are not maintaining a certain level of humidity. Many beginners need to know that they can’t just buy and keep cigars into a humidor. Your cigars can retain their freshness and flavor only when you are keeping them in the right conditions. 

Your hygrometer can also help in protecting your cigars from cigar beetles. Poorly maintained humidity levels can also cause other problems such as cigars drying out and growth of mold. So, to keep your cigars safe, you need to monitor the temperature and humidity level around them. This is why you need a hygrometer.

Digital Hygrometer

The name tells everything. It is a device that utilizes the modern digital technology. A digital hygrometer is equipped with analog sensors and a display to show the percentage of humidity. This type of hygrometer comes with a wide range of features and that is why a digital hygrometer dominates the old analog hygrometer. However, this does not mean that an analog hygrometer is of no use.

When it comes to style and design, a digital hygrometer is pretty basic. A serious collector may not like to use a device with no elegant looks.   



A digital hygrometer is equipped with sensors to measure the level of humidity in the humidor. This makes them very accurate. Analog hygrometers are no match for high-end digital hygrometers equipped with better sensors.

Ease Of Use

A digital gauge on the device shows the humidity level in clear numbers.


As compared to an analog hygrometer, the digital one comes with more features such as temperature reader and memory mode.

No Calibration Or Maintenance

As it runs on electricity, no maintenance or calibration is required. You can just install it in your wineador or humidor.


Dependent On Electricity

This device uses batteries. Once batteries are out of charge, it might not give the right readings. So, you have to keep an eye on the hygrometer. If you don’t, you might end up having ruined cigars.

The Basic Design

The design of a digital hygrometer is very basic. It consists of an LED display and nothing unique.       

Analog Hygrometer

An analog hygrometer does not use sensors. It makes use of metal springs to measure moisture levels. Changes in the level of moisture make the spring contract or expand. The simplest analog hygrometer makes use of human hair. This hygrometer is accurate. Some analog hygrometers use synthetic hair and these hygrometers are as accurate as the hygrometers using natural hair. However, it takes some maintenance work to retain this accuracy. The reason behind the popularity of analog hygrometers is their classic look.



The classic old-school look makes them highly appealing and very elegant. If you are a collector, you will love to have a shiny vintage analog hygrometer.


Hygrometers of this type are as accurate as the digital hygrometers.  

No Dependence On Electricity

It does not depend on electricity. So, it will always give accurate readings if you are maintaining it well. It is free from technical glitches.      


The basic analog hygrometer models are way less expensive than the basic digital hygrometers.


More Maintenance

As it requires more maintenance, an analog hygrometer may not be ideal for a busy collector.

Only One Feature

The only thing it does is reading the humidity levels. It comes with no other features.

Now, which one should you purchase? It depends on your purchasing power, convenience and preferences. Ease of use and maintenance are important factors. Keep in mind that it is an important device that you must use to retain the freshness and flavor of your cigars. So, choose the best one.

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