How To Keep Boredom At Bay When Travelling

December 27, 2019
Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

While travelling is a lot of fun, there is undoubtedly some really boring times, whether it is waiting in a queue, waiting for a flight, sitting on a train, taking a long ferry ride or even on those days when you have run out of money, need a bit of downtime and while you are happy in your surroundings, you still might need something to do, so what can this be?


An obvious and trusted way to pass the time, you cannot go wrong with a good book. However, when you are travelling the last thing you want to be doing is carting a round a load of heavy books. One option is to take one, read it and then see how many people you meet who you could swap your book with as you go along. Another is, of course, to get a kindle or read on your tablet or phone as you can carry around hundreds of books with you then and never run out of choice. Or, if you are on the beach and the sun is glaring on your screen meaning you cannot see a thing, then why not have a look at audiobooks? Again you can have hundreds stored on your phone and can listen to them as you are walking around, standing in a queue or lying on a beach. 

Playing Games

Games are a great way to pass the time and depending what tech you are taking with you on your travels; you will have some different options. If you are taking your laptop, a good option is to get Steam, the world’s most popular digital PC games store where you can download games straight to your computer instead of shopping at traditional retail outlets. Check out how to download Steam games on Mac before you go. Then, of course, there is your phone with plenty of games such as puzzles like 2048, which has no time limit and is a very addictive game, which you will keep coming back to. Or perhaps you are into something more like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or Flow Free — other addictive games that can make hours fly by in what feels like minutes. In this game, you have to connect matching colours with pipe to create a Flow. But remember you do not need devices to play games, all you need is a pack of cards, and you can be entertained for hours or with no tools at all you can use your imagination. Do you remember playing Wink Murder? Or playing games where you cannot say Yes or No? Think back to the playground and you will still find you will have a good laugh playing these classic games. 


Get to know people; what have you got to lose? Start chatting to the person next to you and you will quickly see if they are in the mood for a conversation or not. Everyone has a story; everyone has a reason for being where you are, so ask people about themselves, and you never know who you might meet or what you might learn. 

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