Do’s And Don’ts With Area Rugs

December 27, 2019

Adding modern Persian rug for home decor is a trend that has picked up massively in the last decade. However, most people still are not well acquainted with the ways to use a rug. They end up placing rugs any which way and expect results that will not bowl anyone over.

The two major keys to remember while thinking about purchasing an area rug is to know that they are placed in order to enhance the decor and in order to help define a space. Keeping these two factors in mind, it gets easier to go about purchasing the right kind of modern pattern rugs or geometric area rugs for your space.

However, apart from these two factors, it is also essential to keep in mind these following do’s and don’ts in order to get your perfect rug.

Do’s For Rugs

  1. Consider The Size: Interior decorators always debate upon the size of the rug to be placed in a room. Many believe that all the furniture in the room should lie within the perimeter of the rug and others believe that it is sufficient if the front legs of the furniture remain within the rug and the rest can lay outside of it.

Common rug placement rules dictate that; in a bedroom, rugs should cover two-thirds of the bed and still have enough room for one to step out of bed onto a rug. Whereas, all a rug actually requires is to be big enough to define the space and draw attention towards it.

  • Use Appropriate Pattern: If you have muted furniture and they are of some solid colours while considering to buy a patterned area rug, make sure to check which area pf the rug will be covered by the placement of the furniture. The safest way to go about getting a patterned rug placement is by getting a pattern that repeats itself rather than getting one that situates in one corner of the rug.
  • Experiment With Mixing Various Patterns: The common knowledge that pairing patterned rugs with muted solids can get a bit outdated. If pair up, small patterns alongside large patterns, they can be used alongside each other. Choosing one of the patterns to be a striped kind is also another way to make this distinction apparent and yet complementary.
  • Pick The Seating Before You Pick The Rug: Rugs can be swapped out easily in a matter of months or years. However, it is a requirement of the home to have sturdy, longer staying furniture. So, it is only right to choose the seating furniture chosen before you choose the kind of rug to go along with it.
  • Use Flat Rugs In The Dining Area: For those with younger children, you might feel apprehensive about getting rugs for the dining room considering that they may make a lot of spillages and dirty the floor. It is always better in that case to get a dark shade of rug which is a flat rug such as a dhurrie style or kilim style one.

Don’ts For Rugs

  1. Use Tiny Rugs: Remember, rugs are used to define space. Having a tiny rug defeats that purpose in all aspects. A rug is used to anchor down all the furniture in a room, not simply the coffee table.
  • Do Not Hide Essential Parts Of Rugs: If you have a patterned rug, don’t hide the pattern, highlight those instead. It will give a different dimension to the floor.
  • Do Not Leave The Living Room Tile Or Wooden Flooring Bare: In a room full of exquisite furniture, it is practically a crime to leave the wooden or tiled floor bare. Unless of course, your floor is already carpeted from wall to wall.

These are just a few do’s and don’ts that anyone planning to buy a rug needs to take into account before making the final purchase. 

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