Tips When Deciding To Add A Rug Beneath Your Dining Table

March 10, 2022

When decorating a home you will encounter many issues, most of them result in personal decisions regarding what you think is best. After all, it is you that lives in the house. One such decision is whether to add a rug under your dining room table. 

If you are wondering whether the rug is for you then you will want to consider the following first:


You need to think about the size of your room and the dining table. If you are going to add a nice rug, such as this large jute rug, it needs to be large enough for the table and chairs to sit on it. At the same time, the rug shouldn’t take up the entire room, that turns it into a carpet. 

Take a moment to look at the size of everything to decide if the rug is a good fit for the space you have available.


Obviously, you also need to think about style. Your dining room will have its own style, if that is contemporary and warm then a rug will be a great addition. But, if you have a more minimalistic or industrial feel to the space then the rug may not be the best solution for you.


A rug under your table adds warmth to the space. However, it is also a considerable investment and you need to ensure that it will last for several years. That means you need a neutral color, it will allow you to change the décor around it.

This is essential if you like to change the look and style of your room to keep up with trends, but do not want to keep spending out on replacement items.

Alongside color you will want to think about the pattern of your rug if there is any. Again, keeping it neutral makes it easier to replace items around it and change the décor with minimum expense. 


As mentioned, a large quality rug is an investment. Make sure you are aware of the cost before you commit. You may even find it is better to wait for a little in order to afford the rug that you really want in your dining room. 


Before you add a rug beneath your dining table take a moment to think about who eats at the table. While anyone can accidentally spill food and drink, children are much more likely to do it. 

If you have young children you may be better off skipping the rug or purchasing a lower-priced one and then replacing it with a high-quality investment when they are a little older. Rug cleaners can do wonders but even they can struggle with repetitive spills. 

Do not forget to look at your existing floor. Tiled floors can be easily cleaned, if you have young children it may be better to position a rug away from the table. This can create a similar warming feel without the risk of continual spills. Of course, if you do have your table directly on the floor, make sure it has pads to protect the floor from being scratched. 

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