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A Guide To Choosing A Rug For Your Home

March 17, 2022
When it comes to adding a little shine to a room without spending thousands of dollars on a total makeover, rugs are a popular alternative. Whatever the setting a rug can make all the difference. It can be as subtle or as bold as you desire.  Many people appreciate how...

Tips When Deciding To Add A Rug Beneath Your Dining Table

Rug Under Dining Table
March 10, 2022
When decorating a home you will encounter many issues, most of them result in personal decisions regarding what you think is best. After all, it is you that lives in the house. One such decision is whether to add a rug under your dining room table.  If you are wondering...

Do’s And Don’ts With Area Rugs

December 27, 2019
Adding modern Persian rug for home decor is a trend that has picked up massively in the last decade. However, most people still are not well acquainted with the ways to use a rug. They end up placing rugs any which way and expect results that will not bowl anyone over....