What Does a House Cleaner Do?

March 10, 2022

House cleaners are modern-day heroes. They do lots of the daily cleaning tasks that we never seem to have time for. From hoovering and dusting to cleaning your oven and mopping your kitchen floor, house cleaners can do it all. They even know stain removal secrets for every stain known to humankind. If you’re thinking of hiring a house cleaner, though, you may be interested to find out what they do while they are in your home. So, here is a breakdown of what a house cleaner does. We will also look at housekeeping services and the differences between these cleaning services.

The Daily Duties of a House Cleaner

House cleaners can come to your home every week, two weeks or once a month, like Dash Maids. It is entirely up to you. Usually, you will book a cleaning slot of one or two hours, depending on how much cleaning you require. During a two-hour cleaning slot, a professional house cleaner can get a lot done. Here’s a breakdown of the cleaning tasks that a good cleaner can do in just two hours:

Clean the toilet
Mop your kitchen floor
Wipe your kitchen worktops
Quickly wash up some dishes
Hoover the floors in your home without moving furniture
Wipe sinks and taps around the home

Of course, most cleaners offer a customisable cleaning service. So, if you have already done the hoovering, for example, you can ask the cleaner to change the beds and do a quick spot of dusting. The idea of a house cleaner is to help with the cleaning tasks that you don’t have time to do, so the more flexible the cleaning service, the better it is for you.

If you need a bit more help from your cleaner than a two-hour cleaning visit per week, you can hire a cleaner for longer than this. Two hours is the average time cleaners spend in houses in the UK, but some people like to have them for three hours. In that additional hour, a house cleaner can get a lot more done. They could even clean your fridge, oven and wash some clothes on top of the cleaning tasks above.

The Differences Between A House Cleaner And A Housekeeper

A house cleaner can only be with you for a certain amount of hours per week or bi-weekly as they have many other customers they need to clean for. A housekeeper, though, while they do still have other customers, can dedicate more time to your needs. They can also provide more than cleaning services.

If you have no time to clean at all, hiring a housekeeper is a great idea. They can keep your house looking spotless and do other small daily tasks for you. A housekeeper may do some food shopping for you, prepare breakfast, or even take the kids to school for you, all while ensuring your home is clean.

Unlike a house cleaner who will visit your home for a few hours a week, a housekeeper may visit your home 4-6 days a week and work up to 40 hours for you. Of course, housekeeper services are just as customisable as house cleaning services, so the hours your housekeeper works for you are controlled by you.

House cleaners and housekeepers are fantastic people who can greatly help you keep your home clean. Choosing the best cleaning service for your house and family is key, though. If you need general cleaning help to manage daily cleaning duties, a house cleaner is perfect for you. If you need a cleaner that is a bit more involved, a housekeeper may be the better service to choose.

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