Best Travel Watches To Include In Your Wardrobe

December 28, 2019

If you think that you got everything to complete your travel goals this year, then think twice. Do you already have the best travel watch with you?

Remember that when traveling, you must have a trustworthy watch in your wrist, or else you will be wasting a lot of time and miss out on some activities that you have on your bucket list during your getaway. Fortunately, there are many travel watches available in the market that can be your trusted time teller while exploring different places. You did not have to hurt your pocket when choosing the best travel watches for you, whether you are looking for watches under $300, which you can find here There’s always an option for you to save some pennies if you are just diligent enough to seek online.

To give an idea of what to buy, below are top of the list for the best travel watches.


If you want a simple and lightweight watch for your travel, then Nomatic is for you. It’s equipped with a lot of features that are perfect for travelers like you. The casing is made of stainless steel with a 45mm gunmetal plate on its outside. You will see a Swiss Ronda movement inside its dial.

During your travel, you will not worry about the rain since the watch has 3 ATM water resistance that’s equivalent to 30 meters. The face of the watch will show the date and day of the week, so you will be updated with the time and date without looking at a calendar.

Throughout the night, you can still quickly get the time and date as it has mineral glass that enhances the visibility of the dials. Also, the battery life span of a Nomatic watch will last up to 45 months. It is very comfortable to wear because of its authentic 24 mm leather. In any case, you can also change the strap anytime you want.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

If you are traveling, you want everything to be convenient and accessible at any time, anywhere. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch can give you just that. Unlike modern smartwatches, this timepiece will still give you a classic vibe yet works like a smartwatch. It doesn’t have a touchscreen face, but the hands of the watch will send notifications to your smartphone.

They are also connected, so if someone in your contacts will txt or call you, Hybrid Smartwatch will alert you. It will make you aware that you got a message without looking at your phone. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then this watch will help you achieve your goal. It can track how many calories you burned and how many steps and distance you traveled.

Even when your sleeping, this watch is taking care of you. While wearing it, you can track if you have enough sleep to start your day and if not, it will alert you what time you should sleep the next day so your body will get enough rest. You will learn more about its features while shopping for this product online in The Watch Company.

Tissot Swiss Quartz

If you want to stay elegant and classy on your travels, then Tissot Swiss Quartz is for you. It has GMT function, which tells you dual time wherever you are. It is classic, yet it will not break your budget since it is affordable.

Swiss Quartz will help make your luggage lightweight as you don’t need to bring different types of watches to match with your outfits. It is simple and elegant. This is perfect for any occasion that you need to attend during your travel.

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

G-Shock Gravity Master is perfect for travelers who go abroad. With this watch, you will not struggle anymore with different time zones. It can give you the exact time no matter where you are. This watch uses GPS technology to synchronize the time while tracking your current location.

If you have substantial activities on your list, then choose this watch to be your travel buddy. It has a hard protective body and water resistance. Perfect for any activity you want to do for both water and land. Despite all of these features, this watch can still blend to any outfit or style. So wherever you go and whatever you do, G-Shock Gravity is perfect for you.


Traveling is not all about what you should wear, what you should eat, beautiful selfies or fancy restaurants. It is about the time that you spend on yourself, family, friends and special someone. Now that you already know the best travel watches you can strap to your wrist while traveling, it’s time to pack your things and gear up.

Invest in a good quality watch, just like how you would in your travels. If you are aware of your time, you can do more, and it is possible if you will wear trustworthy watches. Being wise in using your time can give you more unforgettable memories while traveling. So go ahead and wear your favorite travel watch and enjoy on your next travel goals.

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