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The Most Beautiful Lighthouses In North Carolina

September 3, 2016
I previously mentioned the National Lighthouse Day and talked about my trip to Morris Island Lighthouse, South Carolina in my last post. The trip was indeed very memorable and the Morris Island Lighthouse was one of the best lighthouses I have ever seen. Everything about the place was perfect, from...

Adventure On The Coast

August 16, 2016
You are so excited! It has been decided that your next adventure will be somewhere along the coast. You have narrowed it down to either the Atlantic or Pacific Coast, but that is still a lot of coastline to choose from. Let us look at a few exciting adventures waiting for you: Atlantic...

Make Your Vacations Worthwhile With Last Minute Deals To Ibiza

January 27, 2016
If your vacations got approved from work just a day or two before they begin, and you are looking for a place to be at the eleventh hour, last minute deals to Ibiza might work for you. Ibiza is an outstanding island in Spain, which is packed with adventure, stunning...

Kiawah Island: Best Island In America

Kiawah Island, SC
November 5, 2015
Condé Nast Traveler likes to take the pulse of their readership once a year. They ask about favorites: hotels, restaurants, cities, cruise lines, and more. More than a million people cast their votes in 2014 and some of the results were surprising! Frequent favorite Charleston, SC topped the list of...