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Five Cool Vacation Ideas That Let You Stay Sober At The Same Time In California

November 20, 2020
Entering rehab centers in California and completing your treatment program with flying colors is no easy feat. Recovering from any form of substance abuse is a long, hard-fought battle, and it also takes a lot of courage and acceptance to finally get clean. To celebrate this momentous occasion, taking a few...

Five Best Things In Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe
November 9, 2020
Hotels.com asked me to share my favorite things to do and see while traveling in Lake Tahoe, California. Located on the border of the states of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is without question one of the best places to visit with your family if you are into swimming, hiking, skiing, or...

The Best Tips For Planning A Hike

April 24, 2020
A hiking adventure is a great way to have a holiday that is full of positive energy. You will be working on your health, your endurance, your knowledge of nature, and your relationships; all the while you will be feeling the relaxation of a vacation miles away from all your...

What To Do In San Francisco

San Francisco, California
April 14, 2020
Are you planning a trip to California? Do not miss out on the iconic city of San Francisco. The Magnificent Victorian House, the ancient tram, scenic waterfront, and high red bridge make it become a veritable ‘Bay City’. As a leader of the dining trend, San Francisco can fulfil your...

Five Reasons Everyone Should Visit California At Least Once In Their Lifetime

February 28, 2020
There is a reason why the phrase "West Coast is the best coast" exists and it is largely because of the state of California. The agreeable weather, gorgeous beaches -- from San Francisco to Santa Monica -- and enviable cities and scenery make California one of the greatest states in...